Yummy Spread from Sushi Delivery!

What a spread from Sushi Delivery!

Sushi Delivery is a delivery platform that serves restaurant grade Sushi & Sashimi to your doorstep!

Here's some of my selection to share with my loved one for under $50.

Salmon Sashimi would always be my number 1 order in restaurants, buffet and even delivery now. The salmon was really fresh, but I wish I had ordered Salmon Belly though, cos it will definitely be very satisfying too.

Salmon Sashimi (5pcs) サーモンの刺身 $9.90

As for our Maki option, we have chosen Cream Cheese Mentaiko Salmon Aburi, because cream cheese Mentaiko really seems too yummy to resist! I love how creamy the sauce was, and how it matches the Unagi and Salmon extremely well.

Grilled unagi (eel), crunchy Japanese cucumber are wrapped in nori (seaweed) and sushi rice. Aburi (seared) salmon slices, parmesan cheese, mentaiko (fish roe) and a topping of black tobiko.

Cream Cheese Mentaiko Salmon Aburi (8pcs) クリームチーズ明太子サーモン $16.90

Hubby has been craving for Unagi, so I have to order this for him!

The Unagi Don serves a generous slice of perfectly grilled unagi topped with slices of Japanese cucumber and a delicate onsen egg served atop a bowl of sushi rice.

Unagi Don うなぎドン $15.90

To end of the meal, I always like to have something crispy! So the Fried Oysters seems like a good choice for me.

Succulent fresh oysters fried to a golden brown and served with sauce on the side.

Fried Oyster カキフライ $6.90

If you are craving for a Japanese spread in the comfort of your own home, get premium Sushi delivered to your doorstep today!

Sushi Delivery

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