Get Premium Fresh Fruits Delivered to Your Door

If you dread staring at the loads of apples at the supermarket, racking your brain on which perfectly red and nicely shaped apples to get, and lugging the heavy purchase home after....

Be glad to know that you can leave this challenging task to the experts at The Fruit Hut now!

Here's me gobbling down a Golden Kiwi at past midnight cos I was damn hungry!

So happy to receive this big package of premium fruits from them. It even came with a cute bow!

The Fruit Hut is the only fruits store in Singapore to have a cold room, a large refrigeration chamber that stores fruits between 3-7 degrees, keeping them at maximum freshness. All these just to ensure you always get the freshest pick!

So excited to share what I've picked! Do note that the prices may differs according to batch and size of the fruits available.

I love seedless grapes and they are always my favourite snack on a hot and humid evening. These grapes are so big and juicy! Love them!

I ordered these mini apples cos they have such a cute name. Haha. Although, they tastes actually like the usual apples, I love the size cos whenever I'm feeling hungry, I'll just pop one in while waiting for my actual meals to get ready.

Out of all the fruits I've order, the golden kiwi is my favourite! I usually cut them in half either to share or reward myself (mostly gobbled up all by myself!) after a long day!

The sweet & sourness is too addictive!

 The Fruit Hut also offers Japanese Premium fruits like the $50+ Melons or $60+ grapes so do check it out if you are looking to impress some guests over the festive seasons!

Abundance Basket at $198.80!

Get Premium Fresh Fruits Delivered to Your Doorstep Today!

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