Pizza is Probably The Best Party Food!!

Brother: Ehhhh, order food for this Sunday leh!

Sister: Order what ah?

Me: Order Pizza lah! Who doesn't like pizza??


Yes, who doesn't love good ol' pizza? Especially when there are so much varieties nowadays. From elder parents to young kids, everyone has their own favourites!

For me, I'm always the one going for new and innovative flavours! 

4 x 9" Pizzas for 6 Adults
Medium 9′ inches (6 slices)  - $27 
Large 12′ inches (8 slices) - $35

But let me first introduce the crowd favourite, Hawaiian Pizza!

Whenever I'm ordering Pizza, I can never missed ordering Hawaiian. The juicy chunks of Pineapple is just so addictive! I know people who are against having fruits in warm food though, but object all you want! Hahaha.

Always an in-house favourite with tender chicken ham slices, classic Italian tomato sauce, juicy chicken breast, capsicum peppers, mozzarella cheese and topped with succulent pineapple chunks. 

Psst.. I would prefer not having capsicum peppers in the pizza though, I usually just passed to to someone who doesn't mind my rejects. =X

Another classic flavour would be BBQ Chicken!

This flavour is palatable and very suitable for kids! My 2 years old nephew kept asking for more to nibble nibble. 👦

Savour our delicious marinated chicken chunks, yellow onions, pineapple chunks, extra virgin olive oil and a whole lot of mozzarella cheese topped with smokey BBQ sauce all in a single bite!

Next up is my Mother-in-law's favourite, Tom Yum Pizza!
There is a hint of of Tom Yum flavour in the seasonings, although I wish that it's spicier and more sour. But my MIL appreciates the combination of the sweet prawns and sourness of the cherry tomatoes.

Savour the chef’s secret recipe – Bechamel sauce originated from Italy with classic Tom Yum spices in a pizza, with juicy prawns, cherry tomatoes, Kaffir lime leaves and a ton of mozzarella cheese.

The following is my absolute favourite!

Smoked Duck is not always available as a pizza choice, but when it is, I'll definitely order it! The pizza is topped with generously slices of smoked duck, which matches very well with the sweet and salty Hoisin sauce, giving it an oriental kick to it.

Bite into a mouthful of enoki mushroom, Japanese leek, mozzarella cheese and smoked duck breast drizzled with fermented hoisin sauce.

Looking at the photo now made me wanna bite into some cheesy pizza too!!

This is the first time that the pizzas I've ordered got gobbled up by everyone! Usually there is always leftover slices, and no one touches them after it gets cold.

So I guess that's the best compliment for any Pizza Delivery!