Is Steamboat Delivery Worth The Try?

My dad hasn't been a fan of dining in restaurants unless for special occasions, and the current situation made it even more challenging to drag him out for a good meal with the family.

Fortunately for us, delivery services are now more convenient than ever, and the quality of service and selections is beyond words!

While I was still pondering on what food to bring over to my parent's last weekend, Best in Singapore has kindly offered to sponsor Steamboat Delivery for my family 🤤! 

Law of Attraction has never worked so well before! Haha.

Here are what we received for the Steamboat King Bundle B, recommended for 3 - 4 pax. I added a portion of Pork Collar to feed the 5 of us. 

What really impresses me is that they included up to 2 x 14cm portable stove sets in the bundle!

It's great for small groups who do not own any electric stove and steamboat pot at home. However, if you have a bigger group, I'll encourage you to use your own big pot so that you can fit more "hao liao" inside!

Time to indulge!

My favourite items are always my Shabu Shabu Pork and Fried Beancurd Skin Roll.

Dip, Dap, Dip, Yums!!

Special mention to their Homemade Sambal Chilli too! Goes so well with everything!

Ala Carte menu items are available too, but with specially curated bundle, you really save a lot of hassle (and money)! Remember the times when you need to look through the whole menu and ask all your "steamboat invitees" for their preferences?

Well, you can always get the bundle, and add on more premium seafood and handmade balls to upsize your feast!

Well, I've tried and enjoyed the experience, now it's your turn!

Photo credit: Express Photography

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