12.12 Sales + Cyber Monday Sale Is Coming To Town!

If you are still spilling regrets over the things you didn't get on 11.11 sales, fret not!
Because Cyber Monday and 12.12 Sales is here to save the day (but not your wallet..)!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale used to be a thing that all Singaporeans wish for because of the major price slash, huge giveaways, and best time of the year to start buying a year-long worth of fashion and household items. Thanks to whoever, we finally get to enjoy this international "Sale Day"on and offline now in Singapore!

Read more about the Singapore sale scene over here.

With Weddings and Chinese New Year celebrations coming up in my calendar, I think it's time to pamper myself with lotsa Beauty and Fashion Goodies!

Here are some items on my list which I can't wait to drop in my Shopping Cart while enjoying Cyber Monday Deals on 27 November!

BEAUTY: Storewide 10% off on Althea!

FASHION: Get 20% off min. spend $100 on Zalora!
FOR LE HUBBY: 20% off Everything on ASOS with Code: WIN20!

It's discount + discount + cash back on SHOPBACK = MAJOR SAVINGS!

If you are tight on Budget this month, not to worry because there are awesome 12.12 Deals coming up right after your payday!

If you are ready for a MAJOR SHOPPING SPREE like I am, don't miss the upcoming ShopBack’s 12.12 Sale and Cyber Monday Sale!!

🏃🏃🏃 TIME TO SHOP!!! 🏃🏃🏃