Doraemon Secret Gadgets 100 Expo At Seoul, Yongsan I-Park Mall!



When I learnt that Seoul has 100 Doraemon figures exhibited at I-Park Mall for visitors to take photo (for FREE!), I got so excited!!!

The exhibition showcase 100 Doraemon figures in different expressions, poses and his secret gadgets! 

1) Time Machine

The time machine brings Doraemon and Nobita in the drawer of Nobita's desk to the era they set on the machine.

I went there with my new Korean friend, and I got so excited by all the friendly Doraemon that I don't care about my image anymore, and just dashed to each adorable figure for my wacky photoshoot! There are more figures that I took photos with, but here are some of my favourites!

2) Love Umbrella

User shares this with the person he/she like to make him/her will fall in love with user.

3) Chill Out Stick
The stick is used to calm people down by putting the stick against someone's mouth, and says "Calm down! Calm down!". However, as the stick hides the person's anger inside their body, the anger will explodes like a volcanic eruption if the stick is overused.

4) Mini Doras
The mini versions of Doraemon (Green, Red & Yellow) are Doraemon's helpers in tasks such as internal mechanism repairworks, ability to use gadgets, and they feel & communicate with Doraemon using minidora language.

5) Come Come Cat
The cat is used to pull people in the direction it is facing, extremely useful for attracting customers, but in a forceful way.

6) Sword Of Denkomaru
The Denkomaru resembles a coloured toy sword which allows bearer to parry incoming attacks and performs exceptional Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu (Japanese swordmanship)!

7) Guidance Angel
It give guidance to the wearer, and tells them the best things to do as it can predict the future. However, the angel is a control freak and snobbish, and it can only be taken off by a third party.

8) Go Go Dog
The dog is used to repel intruders and robbers into user's house.

9) Moodmaker Orchestra
The orchestra changes people's moods with their music.

If you are going Seoul soon, remember to check out this paradise of your friendly childhood best friend!

Location: Yongsan, I-Park Mall
                Alight at Yongsan Station, Line 1

Exhibition Date: Till 4 October 2015