306 Hari Raya Visiting At Ayuni's!

Hari Raya is another get together opportunity for 306!
The group is always oh-so-busy with our own work, travel plans, wedding preparation etc., but we do find time to eat, gossip, and update each other about our life!

Miss Phangy just shared her news about getting her dream job in Disney, so this might be one of the rare chance to make fun of her! :(

With all gathering comes foodie time!

I have been looking forward to this dinner for the longest time (since we decided on the visiting 2 months ago)!


Every Singaporean (I think so!) favourite Malay dish- Chicken Redang! I love Mutton and Beef one equally! :p

Sayur Lodeh. 
Best matched with the pre-packed Lontong! Yummy!

Sambal Telur.


How can a gathering ends without having some wefie (using self-timer) time!
As we age, I feel that our poses aren't interesting, wacky or funny anymore :(

But we are still a fun bunch young at heart!!
See ya again soon!!

Rewind to 5pm before the Raya visit.....
Phangy introduced us to the Dart Pub at Tampines Safra, and 3 of us won a Dartslive set each in the "Count Up" game! Haha. So proud with our "trophies"!