Taiwan Travelogue: 2D1N Tainan City Travel- Beimen Crystal Church+ Jingzaijiao Salt Fields + Old fort of Anping (Gu Bao) , 两天一夜台南游:北門水晶教堂+井仔腳瓦盤鹽田+安平古堡 (Bilingual, 双语)

Finally get down to blogging about my 2D1N trip to Tainan City with my friendly local friend!

Previously, I blogged about Tainan Food Log, and in this entry, I will be blogging about the popular attractions in Tainan! I didn't really research much about the places to visit in Tainan because I pinned high hopes on my friend to bring me around!

But after I back in Singapore, I heard from my other Tainan friend that there are actually a lot of nice food places, night markets and places to interest to visit. Well, next time then.

These are the few popular attractions for tourist and locals too. I visited during their Public Holiday weekend, thus, everywhere was very crowded.

Travel period: 3-4 April 2015

1) Beimen Crystal Church 北門水晶教堂

Address: 727, Taiwan, Tainan City, Beimen District, 井仔腳
Address: No. 82, Guosheng Rd, Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan

Fort Zeelandia was a fortress built over ten years from 1624 to 1634 by the Dutch East India Company, in the town of Anping on the island of Formosa, during their 38-year rule over the western part of that island. 
A typical street in Tainan with rows of food, cafes, hostels, banks and telcos.
San He Yuan 三合园

Address: 727, Taiwan, Tainan City, Beimen District, 北門里200號
Phone+886 6 786 1017 
Hours:  9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Located near the Beimen Visitor Centrer, the Crystal Church opened in 2014 became a popular spot for tourist, photography enthusiasts (especially during sunset), and wedding couples for their photoshoot. It is the first Church designed and built by the official, with inspiration drawn from the St. Laguna Chapel in Guam.

The church was somehow cordon off from the crowd, so that everyone could capture its beauty!

北門水晶教堂台湾第一间由公家机关设计的教堂。教堂的设计是以关岛的St. Laguna Chapel为设计概念。至2014开幕以来,水晶教堂就成了游客,摄影爱好者,和新人拍摄婚照的热门地点。

The whole area circled around the theme of love and romance, with small houses and wall murals of romantic scenes from love stories.


You can find all your childhood candies and games in this vintage provision shop!

2) Jingzaijiao Salt Fields 井仔腳瓦盤鹽田

Phone:+886 6 786 1629
8:30 am – 6:00 pm
This was a place that I have been looking forward to explore because there were many breathtaking sunset photos online! The place was crowded with locals, and many were setting their tripods waiting for the astonishing sunset.

The beautiful salt field was built in 1818 to mine pure and clear crystal salt. 180 years on, it has became an excellent attraction for tourists and families to experience the wonderful salt-drying processes.


I love how the piles of salt cast shadows on the shallow water which overlaps the reflections of the salt.. :)

Aunty Pinky working her magic on the salt!

Huge chunks of shining sea salt crystals. I like how it reflects the sun lights and sparkles! (But my camera couldn't capture it. Haha)

This brightly painted infrastructure is actually the......

Haha. There was actually a tourist sitting at the right of the stone seats, but I made him magically disappear!

That's someone's fish pond over there!

3) Anping Old Fort (Old Fort Zeelandia) 安平古堡

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Ticket: NT50/adult
I reach the Old Fort around 5.40pm and the place was already closed! Nonetheless, I got a good peek of the place from the slid through the external brick wall.

Surrounding the Old Fort are provision shop selling all-time favourite preserved plums, temples, and rows of food and toys stalls in night market setting.

Travelling in Tainan might not be convenient for everyone as there isn't much public transport such as Taxi and Bus. Thus, you would probably need to rent a car if you would like to explore Tainan on a free and easy trip.

My friend's apartment is located near a Taiwan traditional San He Yuan 三合园 which is now abandoned and acting 
as their carpark now. 

The exterior is almost similar to Singapore's shophouses with its two-gate entrance and side windows.

If you are staying longer in Tainan, you would probably want to spend some time looking through other attractions here.

Enjoy your trip in Tainan!