CONCETTO by saveur- Bringing Good Italian Food To Everyone

Following the success of their first brand, SAVEUR, which serves affordable French fare, founders Chef Dylan Ong and Chef Joshua Khoo have yet again impressed the Italian food lovers with affordable good food at CONCETTO by saveur.

Visited CONCETTO on a beautiful Sunday around 2pm, and the restaurant is cleared from the lunch crowd. But don't be surprised that CONCETTO fans can easily filled up its 90 seatings restaurant during peak hours. 

Fret not, reservations are allowed here.

Here's what I ordered!

Duck Tortellini, $12.90
poached egg, new potato & parmesan emulsion (foam)

CONCETTO's Duck Tortellini is made with FRESH Pasta (skin), minced duck, and flavoured with taste of black pepper. The taste of duck is light, and its texture is somewhat similar to the pull pork. However, with only 4 tortellini, it didn't make me very satisfied on a hungry Sunday.

The potatoes are really nice, but I hope that it could be a little more than two pieces, to make the dish more filling.

Poached egg is perfectly done, and its yolk added an unique texture to the minced duck. The parmesan foam was negligible, doesn't add in any brownie points for the dish.

Pumpkin Fattottini $7.90
pumpkin marmalade, brown butter & sage

Although the Fattottini is placed in the mains section, it did taste like a warm dessert to me.

The moist and smooth pumpkin was wrapped in a crust similar to an apple pie, and I really love the soft crunchiness. 

I don't usually take raisins because they are too sweet for my liking. However, the raisins matched very well with the almond chips and pumpkin, which make tasting the dish a delighting surprise. 

Tiramisu $10.90
in Concetto way

Yes, you have seen it right! It's a Tiramisu!

The deconstructed Tiramisu placed all elements of Tiramisu (namely Mascarpone cheese, whipped cream and sponge cakes dipped in liqueur) individually on the plate. The right way for you to eat this Tiramisu is to scoop the different elements in the dessert spoon an taste them all at once!

The caramelised chocolate flakes and crispy choco bites (just like Milo Dinosaur biscuit!) is like icing on the cakes! One word, LOVE!!!

Can't wait to visit CONCETTO again to try out their Creamy Pork Fettuccine and Squid Ink Risotto!

Don't you wanna try it too?

CONCETTO by Saveur
The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, 01-11/12 Tel: +65 67351141Opening Hours: 12:00 – 9.15pm (Sun-Mon), 12:00 – 9.30pm (Tues-Sat)