Saveur At Far East Plaza- Quality French Fare At Affordable Prices

Dear Readers,

This is my very first blog attempt as a food blogger.
Thanks to Sherie for inviting me as a guest food blogger, and you will be seeing more of my blogs in time to come.

For readers who have been following Sherie's blog, you would have seen my photos before, and I would like to thank you for your constant support and readership to my gal's blog. It is knowing that there are people out there who reads (her blog) that fuels her passion and keeps her going when the going gets tough.

For readers who are visiting Sherie's blog for the 1st time, here's a very quick self introduction.
My name is Alex, and if you have paid attention from the start of this post, you would know that I'm the boyfriend of the owner of this blog.

I'm a self proclaimed foodie, and an advocate of  "live to eat". Beside having a passion for eating good food, I also like to share my findings with my people around me. So one fine day, my gal asked: "why limit (sharing the good food) to your friends, why not share it with everyone out there?"

So... here goes!

Appetiser: Saveur's Pasta ($4.90)
Capellini with Chilli Oil, finely-chopped Konbu, topped with Minced Pork Sauce, Chives & Sakura Ebi

One of my favourite dish of the meal, beside the main dish that I had.
This is a cold dish using Capellini - longish, very thin fine strands pasta.
My thoughts after the first mouth: It has an oriental style flavouring which is somewhat similar to dry instant noodles.
What I like: The firm texture and the oriental style flavour.  The Sakura ebi (small dried shrimps) is a pleasant surprise and adds a bit of saltiness to the dish.
What i not-so-like: The mince meat sauce is negligible and has not much contribution to the overall taste, in my opinion.

Main (Mine): Beef Tenderloin - 150g ($24.90)
Potato Au Gratin, Carrot Puree, Button Mushrooms, Red Radish, Baby Carrot and Beef Jus

Also my favourite dish of the meal.
I ordered it medium rare, and indeed the meat was done to perfection. The beef was so tender and juicy. I could still see some salt on the meat when I'm eating it. There's a small amount of dark brown coloured sauce, but the beef was good even without the sauce.
This dish has a complex mixture of tastes due to the combination of other little side items like the carrot puree, sautéed mushrooms and potato gratin.
Every item in this dish is good till the last bit. My plate was totally empty in the end, except for some left over sauce since I didn't want to be seen licking the plate!

Main (Hers): Duck Confit
Mash Potatoes, Sautéed Shitake, Orange Segments and Orange-Infused Natural Jus

Well the main item in this dish, the duck leg, is rather disappointing.
First impression, the duck leg looked dry and hard, but when i bite into the meat, it is tender, not overcooked. Immediately upon sending the meat into my mouth, I almost wanted to spit it out.
My whole mouth was  filled with this ducky odour. Not sure if it's a norm for French duck dish to taste like this, or maybe it's due to failure to use the necessary method to remove the odour.

Dessert: Pistachio Panna Cotta
Pistachio-flavoured cooked cream with ground and caramelised pistachio

Unlike some other pistachio flavoured dessert, this one has a distinctive pistachio taste. Credit probably goes to the ground pistachio sprinkled on top. The texture of the cream is thick, and the sweetness not overwhelming. Although my gal and I shared the dessert, but I dare say I could finish it alone, given that I'm someone who does not fancy sweets.

Lemon Soda & Shirley Temple

SAVEUR (Bugis)

5 Purvis Street Talib Court #01-04 Singapore 188584

Mon to Sat
- 12pm - 2.15pm (last order)
- 6pm - 9.15pm (last order)
- 6pm - 9.00pm (last order)

SAVEUR (Far East Plaza)

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #01-07B
Singapore 228213

Mon to Sat
- 11.30am - 9.30pm (last order)
- 11.30am - 9.00 pm (last order)

PS: my virgin attempt lah, pai seh if you have to use tooth pick to hold open your eyelids. Very big thank you if you manage to read until here.

Photo credits: Sherie Saccharine