Newton Roast - Instant Gratification For Your Roast Meat Cravings

Dear Readers, 

Today we are featuring a newly opened stall selling Roasted German Pork Knuckles & Pork Belly, 
Newton Roast.

It is located at Newton Circus Food Centre. This place is just a short 5 min walk (150m) from Newton MRT, and is very easy to locate with the signage pointing you to the right direction. Once you see an overhead bridge, cross it and you are there.

By the time I write this post, Sherie and I already visited Newton Roast twice. 1st time we went, it was a private tasting session hosted for bloggers. The meat was so good that we couldn't have enough and were craving for them ever since. So 2 weeks later, we brought our close friends there. The standard of the meat was pretty much the same, except for a very slight difference in the tenderness of the meat. 2nd visit was slightly better, probably because 2nd visit we got to eat the meat while it was still warm. 1st visit, the meat already turned cold by the time it reached our mouth.
Shall not keep everyone waiting, so here's my review proper.

Knock Out : German Pork Knuckle

1st time I ate this, I was totally taken by surprise!
The 1st thing that flashed across my mind was that there's totally no pork stench at all, not even a tiny hint of it!!

The next thing that I noticed, was that the pork knuckle had a similar taste to the Cantonese roasted pork aka "Sio Bak" in Hokkien. This was probably due to some secret marinate recipe used by the chef.

On top of that, the skin was well roasted and expanded to a nice thickness with a perfect crisp.
The meat was so tender and would not get stuck in between the teeth.
Before I discovered Newton Roast, German Pork Knuckles were not in my "die die must eat" list. I've tried this dish from a few other places and they all had varying levels of stench in the meat; I've even tried ones with rubbery textured skin and ones with very tough meat.

Newton Roast by far sells the best German Pork Knuckles that I've eaten.

Six Pack : Pork Belly

Hmm, after writing so much about the pork knuckle, this part I'll keep it short, as my comments would be pretty much similar.

As you can see, six pack refers to stomach muscle, and it is easy to relate the name to the German roasted pork belly.
Same as the pork knuckle, the skin was thick and crispy, meat was tender and had very little fats.
The taste was also very similar to the pork knuckle, but on a lighter side and I could taste the original  sweetness of the meat. 

Personally, I would prefer the pork knuckle slightly over the pork belly. But to be honest, I will not be able to just settle with ordering either of them when I visit them the next time, because both are simple too tempting to resist.

Some Finer Things in Life

Some other finer stuff worth a mention, was that with every order you get a small serving of Sauerkraut (fermented sour cabbage). You can actually request for bigger servings.

Unlike other Sauerkraut I've tried before, this one was not too sour, and somewhat tasted like the "chye por" toppings from a famous Chuey Kuay stall in Tiong Bahru.
Each order also came with 3 types of sauce dips: chilli sauce, mustard sauce and brown sauce (black pepper).
All 3 sauces complimented the meat well and had their own unique ways to enhance the taste of the meat. However, I'm someone who prefers original taste, so I went light on the dips, to get the most out of the original flavour.

Price and How to Order

1 whole pork knuckle for the price of $39.90.
1 standard portion of pork belly for the price of $33.90 (approx 500g)
In my opinion, the taste is well worth the price.  The portion was just nice for our group of 6 (3 guys & 3 gals).

To ensure you get the freshest roast hot from the oven, I would recommend to make a pre-order through their website, rather than just walk in.

Ordering is very easy, and as a first time user, I've done it in less than 5 mins on my smartphone.
Once you place an order, you will receive a sms on the designated mobile number. To confirm the order, simply click on the url found in the sms.

You will receive another sms with an order number once the order is cofirmed.
Remember, the order is not considered as confirmed if you do not receive the 2nd sms containing the order number.

Calling out to all meat lovers! This is definitely a must-go foodie place for you!

Newton Circus Food Centre, 
500, Clemenceau Avenue, 
Singapore 229495

PS: Quoted from The Butcher in my favourite Diablo Game series: "Ahhhh.... Fresh Meat!" 
Photo credits: Sherie Saccharine