Save More Money For More Shopping: Shop USA with 65daigou!

Yay! Finally writing for my favourite shopping helper, 65daigou!
You might have heard of them being the best website to help you shop from Tawian and China (you go TaoBao!!!) websites, saving you all the hassle, time and effort from cracking your brains to ship your things over to Singapore...

Here's a good news!!!!

They are now in business for...

You might be aware that some stuff are cheaper in USA than Singapore. 
But, do you know how to shop on USA sites when some do not offer International Shipping and/or do not accept International Credit Card? 

Well, if you are lucky you probably have a friend living in States or working as an air stewardess flying round the world who can help you with the purchase. Otherwise, all you have to do is to look for a reliable shopping agent who takes care of the purchasing and shipping!

Let's take a look at how 65daigou can help us save more for more shopping sprees!

IT products – Skullcandy Aviation Headphone
Direct from STEREO store in Singapore: SGD 247.90

From USD 85.43!!

Direct Singapore Store
Purchase from USA
Via 65daigou
1 unit
SGD 247.90
USD 85.43
Shipping cost
SGD 17.40
Agent fee
SGD 10.30*
SGD 247.90
Approx. SGD $138.70
SGD 109.20

Footwear – Timberland
On their USA website

Whilst on Singapore site …

Do you see the difference? 
USD 69.99 versus SGD 229!!!

Unfortunately, Timberland US does not allow international shipping. (so selfish!)

So, how can I get this pretty boat shoe? Through a shopping agent!

65daigou helps customers to purchase items from USA (also from China and Taiwan). 

Of course, you need to pay a minimal agent fee for their service.
Not to be greedy, let’s just imagine that I’m getting only 2 pairs boat shoes …

Buy from Singapore store
Timberland US Via 65daigou
2 Pairs of Shoes
SGD 458
USD 139.98
Shipping cost (3 kg)
SGD 33.40
Agent fee
SGD 17.30*
SGD 458
Approx. SGD $232.50

SGD 225.50

The savings allows me to get another 2 pairs!

Other than that, 65daigou provides consolidating service which is extremely helpful when you are getting stuff from different merchants. Imagine, you have to pay 3 times International shipping fee if you purchase the items directly with individual shops. Basically, 65daigou helps their customers to consolidate parcels. 

You can also hold the shipment for 20 days and ship it out once everything arrives in their US warehouse!

Here's some of the recommneded US sites for Women's Fashion!

Screammmmmm at...

em Michelle Phan

Shopping at 65daigou is easy!
Just follow these steps!

If you feel insecure about paying for the unknown, the thoughtful peeps at 65daigou decided to give you a hand by including a Cost Calculator for you!

Are you tempted to shop from US now? 

Try 65daigou USA service now!

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