Print Your Makeup Products With A 3D Printer!

A new invention (or discovery) that will blow your mind and possibly, the makeup industry!

Grace Choi, the gorgeous student at Harvard Business School, decided to change the rule of the beauty industry, with her new 3D Makeup Printer, MINK!

Think about it, no more saving up your lunch money, or burning your pocket for those expensive branded eyeshadows and creamy lipsticks! You can print any makeup you want with this:

Here's some images from Business Insider that summarises the beauty of this beauty printer!

Step 1: Choose your desired colours from the internet/photo. ANY COLOUR!

Step 2: Print It Into An Actual Eyeshadow

Step 3: Test It!

Step 4: Flaunt It! Viola! Your favourite makeup at your fingertips!

While it's an great invention where people can instantly transform their favourite cosmetics colours from their laptop, camera or phone into actual makeup products; there's always people with opposing views:

1) Is it safe? What if my skin reacts to it negatively?
Who is going to pay for my loss?

2) If I have the money, I can just walk into the store, select my favourite branded makeup products in gorgeous packaging and pay for it!

The list goes on..

But as far as I'm concern,


Read and watch Grace's live demonstration here!