CHACOTT & FREED OF LONDON Grand Opening At Mandarin Gallery!

World renowned brand, Chacott and Freed of london are finally in Singapore! They have just opened their first flagship store in Southeast Asia at Mandarin Gallery (03-21Ain April, and I'm so honoured to be invited by Camy from Beauty Direct, to be one of the first visitors to the lovely store!

Chacott and Freed of London are well-renowned brands in the ballet world. They are known producing quality handcrafted pointe shoes, quality Ballet apparels, as well as equipment for Rhythmic Gymnastics. 

*Extracted: Chacott freed of london’s press release
Chacott owns 30 directly-managed stores and is one of the top leading companies of ballet and dance manufacturers as well as retailers. Chacott product range includes pointe shoes, leotards, costumes and cosmetics for ballet, yoga, ballroom dance, rhythmic gymnastics and much more. Chacott has also set up dance studios which are beloved, expanding their business year after year. Chacott and Freed of London, another world famous pointe shoe maker, are also in a business relationship, and by cooperation have been expanding overseas business, since 1987.

Freed of London was founded in 1929 by Frederick Freed in the heart of London’s  theatre  land.  Still  making  shoes  in  England  and  with 85 years of experience handcrafting bespoke pointe shoes, Freed of London now produces over 200,000 pairs per year. Each pair of Freed of London pointe shoes is still crafted  using  Frederick  Freed’s  ‘turn-shoe’  method  ensuring  the  expertise  of   their highly skilled shoe makers goes into each pair of pointes.

Once you are in the store, you cannot missed the astonishing mannequins decked in amazingly crafted Ballerina performing costumes. Although I do not know anything about Ballet, but these costumes somehow bear a beautiful fairytales within each of them. 

There are beautiful shelves full of elegant pointe shoes and flats for different dancers' needs.

I believe that this must be the Ballerina's ideal walk-in "shoe"robe.

Most of us aren't ballerinas, or trained dancers. So we were fortunate to witness the demonstration of how Ballerinas choose their perfect pair of pointe shoes.

As you can see, the gold pointe shoe is a perfect fit, as the dancer are able to balance her leg in a straight line, allowing her to perform her dance moves with confidence.

Whereas for the pink pointe shoes below, the loose fit causes the dancer to bend her leg backwards, losing balance. 

A pair of perfectly fitted pointe shoes is crucial for every ballerinas in assisting them to give in their best performances on stage.

Other than ballet apparels, they have also extended their line to jazz and yoga wear as well!

Kids' ballet essentials too!

Remember my previous detailed post on Chacott Professional Makeup?

Chacott Professional Makeup are resistant to sweat and liquids, not only is this great for the dancers, it's also great for everyone of us who are struggling in our humid weather!

Key features of Chacott Professional Makeup:

 Suited for High Definition (HD) TV
UV protective effect (non-chemical SPF/PA)
Uses mainly vegetable extract, natural colorant
Gentle to skin and safe for children
Fragrance-free, color-free, & mineral oil-free

Once again, congratulations to CHACOTT & FREED OF LONDON for opening the first flagship store in Southeast Asia (Singapore)!