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What's Tokyo Luxey?

Tokyo Luxey is a "LUXE" community that supplies Japanese made beauty and lifestyle information and products of genuine high quality. The community aims to introduce these products that are curated stringently to LUXEY like you!

The LUXE beauty and lifestyle goods Tokyo Luxey carries includes:

  • ・Skincare
  • ・Makeup
  • ・Hair
  • ・Healthcare
  • ・Beauty & Health Foods
  • ・Apparel
  • ・Miscellaneous Goods

Together with other beauty bloggers, I was invited to meet Ms Chie Mada  to find out more about Tokyo Luxey and why we should join them!

Why You Should

  • ・Receive exclusive & new Japanese beauty and lifestyle-related information and content from TOKYO LUXEY
  • ・Sample exclusive beauty and lifestyle products from Japan
  • ・Participate in the joint development of Japanese beauty and lifestyle-related goods via TOKYO LUXEY sponsored programs
  • ・Receive special pricing reserved only for TOKYO LUXEY members on products that you sampled
  • ・Become eligible to participate in TOKYO LUXEY’s affiliate program (details will be sent separately)
  • ・Become eligible to participate in exclusive experiences sponsored by TOKYO LUXEY ( session with a famous Japanese makeup artist)
  • ・Special invitations to Japan will be offered to individuals who are recognized for remarkable involvement or results as a LUXEY

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 Tokyo Luxey presents a brand new "luxe" gift box filled with Japanese cosmetics!

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What is included in the TOKYO LUXEY Gift Box?


The TOKYO-LUXE Special Edition Gift Box is limited to 300 shopppers only!

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We also receive some goodies from Ms Chie Mada to try out!
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