The ENTERTAINER: Your Favourite App Which Brings You 1-for-1 Deals!

Great Deal Up For Grab!

Download The Entertainer on your app store on iPhone and Andriod system for free!

The app features close to a thousand 1-for-1 deals at your favourite spas, restaurants, casual dining,  chill-out night spots and even bubble tea stores!

Downloading the app is free, and you may to view all the offers available.

However, for you to unlock all the offers in the app, there is a one time fee which will make all the great offers available to you, via the app, for one whole year. This fee is $95!

Yes! I thought it was ridiculous when I first heard that too.

But... read on to see how this small investment might be the best you have made!

My best friend, Simin and I was invited to Extra Virgin Pizza at United Square to try out The Entertainer app for very first time.

So I downloaded the app, sign up, unlock the offers...

And I got to redeem my 1-for-1 pizza for us to savour!

Instantly, I saved $30 from the offer!
I can safely say that after less than 4 redemption of offers from F&B outlets alone will get me back the small investment I have put in!

Extra Virgin Pizza serves thin crust pizza that are as fragrant and crispy as a freshly baked chips! Both of us are honestly not big eaters, but we managed to finished both pizza! Burpppp.. :X

chipotle bbq sauce, mozzarella, chicken, 
roasted onions, fresh pineapple, jalapeño,
scallions, pecorino, provolone

béchamel, prawns, clams, squid,cherry tomatoes, 
chilli flakes, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino, 
lemon juice, shaved garlic

The Entertainer is super user-friendly!

Looking out for great deals has never been easier!

Let's say you are in Orchard, and you are looking for some 1-for-1 deals to enjoy your dinner with your significant other...

Step 1: Tap "SEARCH" on the bottom right corner and type in your location.

You may even search them via Name of Store, Mall, Hotel or Cuisine!


Step 2: View the offers available and decide whether it fits your cravings for that day!

Step 3: If the app reads your mind and you would love to dine at ie. Marmalade Pantry to enjoy 1-for-1 Main Menu Item, click the tab to redeem!

Step 4: The app will prompt for both yours and outlet's redemption code. 

Viola! Scrumptious meal is on its way!

That's not all! Let's take a look at what are some other offers available islandwide.

On the "OFFERS" tab, you may view all the New and Available deals and see what they have to offer!

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Download The Entertainer app on your iPhone or Android  Here.

Unlock all great deals by clicking on "BUY", and choose Entertainer Singapore Mobile 2014 to purchase. This purchase will ensure you a whole year of great deals!

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Voucher Code is valid till 30 Apr 2014.

Enjoy your deals soon!