Getting My Wedding Ring Customized At ORRO!

Yes!! I am engaged!!
The proposal will be blogged in a separate entry after I get all the Maldives photos sorted out!

In January, my fiancé (whoohoo!) and I decided to visit ORRO to get our wedding rings as we heard so many great reviews about them and their blings are absolutely stunning with affordable tags.

Before the visit, I contacted ORRO HQ in Hong Kong to request for special permission to take some photos for blogging purposes and the contact person was really friendly and agreed readily! Although the store manager was back to Hong Kong, he made the effort to call me (long distance call!) just to check what help do I need and guide me through the process of the ring selection, and how I can go about customising my ring before visiting the store. As it was near CNY period, and the workshop in HK will be closing for a long holiday, I was advised to make a trip down soon so that I can get my rings in time (we wanted to arrange a pre-wedding shoot in Maldives, thus, needed the rings urgently).

Let's begin the ring choosing process!

I've always wanted a heart shaped diamond ring and my eyes crossed when I saw this beauty in the display! Moreover, it's in my favourite shade of rose gold!

My accessories are usually rose gold, if not gold, so as to match my warm skin tone. So I decided to break from the norms and customized a Rose Gold ring instead!

As you can see, I have naturally chubby fingers, thus, the tiny side band will look strangely squeezed by my flesh between the fingers. So Melvin from ORRO, suggested to combine these 2 designs into 1 customized ring for me!

I will be using the heart-shaped design for the main stone, and the thicker dual band for the side.

My ring size was measured with this adorable tiny rings, to ensure that my ring would fit my chubby finger perfectly!

After my ring's design is confirmed, Alex moved on to choose his ring among these beautiful new arrivals!

He also want to have an unique wedding band that doesn't looks boring (like a keyring on a finger) nor ordinary. Thus, he got himself a matchy Rose Gold ring with full band of diamonds too! *Bling bling*!

The lucky boy got his ring on the spot as there was no customization needed, and still instock since it's newly arrived.

Happy Boy!
Who says only women love diamonds?

Before we left to shop, we saw this pretty stone that's 27.9 ct!!!

Just hours after I left the shop, I received the 3D images of my customised ring! Talking about efficiency!

2 weeks after the exciting wait, I received a call from the store manager and was told that we could collect the ring when the store reopens on 5 Feb!

What I didn't expect was....

He gave me all the photos that they took in the workshop while making my ring! That's like the biggest surprise for me! Although not all customers get this surprise, I'm sure the following photos will be good enough to let you have a look at what goes behind the scene for those beautiful blings!

Awwwwww.... My beautiful heart rock (pun intended)!

The heart at the back was a pleasant surprise for me too. I can't get enough of how beautiful my ring looks, and how it is possible that I am getting married soon!!!

I even got my ring professionally shoot by the great team at ORRO!

Quality: Checked!
Service: Checked!
Beauty: Checked!
Value for Money: Checked!

We would like to thank the team at ORRO who have made the journey of Ring Customisation fuss-free and enjoyable. Your team was not only friendly and helpful, but your team's professionalism has won my trust to let you guys create my dream ring! I will definitely recommend ORRO to all my friends who would love to get some blings for themselves and their loved ones! :)

For more details on ORRO's products and services, visit their website: or their showroom at: 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza #02-09 Singapore 228210  

Disclaimer: Our rings were not sponsored. All that have written are from the bottom of my heart, and  truly how I felt about their products and service professionalism. All photos are copyrighted.