Don't Be A Bridezilla Wedding Planning Checklist!

Yes! Officially the first post on my wedding planning!

After doing some research, I have came out with my own set of Wedding Planning Checklist which I'm quite sure could prevents you from being the BRIDEZILLA!

I have sort of customize the checklist to be more suited to weddings in Singapore, so feel free to customize your own checklist according to your needs too!

For myself, I am currently done with these:

ü  Choose a date
My mum brought Mr Xu and I to a master whom she's familiar with, and we gotten a date! It's in late December!

ü  Guestlist
We have drafted a guestlist around 100pax. We are inviting close friends and relatives who feels happy for us and would love to celebrate our important moments together!

ü  Book The Venue
This was simple for us. We wanted somewhere unconventional (shake heads to hotels and Chinese banquet), thus, we opted for Westernized venues. After viewing only 2 venues, we have confirmed the venue, and paid 25% deposit!

ü  Research for Vendors
I love researching and looking for the best deals with great value! We have decided not to sign up any wedding package and goes all a la carte. We'll see how it goes!

ü Choose Wedding Bands
I'm not going to have both wedding band and engagement ring on my tiny finger, thus, I have customized a ring that will be my only ring of promise. Will be blogging about the whole process, can't wait to collect it in Feb!

Honestly, we have not come out with any budget yet. As mentioned, I'm sourcing for the best deal in town, and hoping that all expenses will be within our affordability!

I have more to share in my next post! Wait for it!