What have Makeup Refinery been up to?

There's a reason why I have been missing from the blogosphere for awhile.

My schedule has been packed with Makeup Refinery's assignments, school projects, work and conducting beauty workshops. Not that I'm complaining though, because I lost 2kg in the last 2 weeks! :)

Here are some projects that Makeup Refinery did for the past weeks..

You can read more about Angela's (capable boss of Lace & Ebony) testimonial here!

Floral Themed Photoshoot With "Best Model of the World-Miss Photogenic", Manli (and Summer)


Behind The Scenes

With makeup or not, sunshine personality shines through TALLY Girl 2nd runner-up, Gina Chan!

I'm so happy that my 2 friends whom I recommended for the pageant came in Top 3!

Congratulations to Vanessa for clinching 1st runner-up and Gina for being the 2nd runner-up!
Don't worry, I don't have even power to influence the scores although I'm one of their official sponsor. :p

Gunong Sayang Association (Peranakan) Show- TANTA MATA MAK

Behind The Scenes


Little singer was sensitive to allow others to do her lower eyeliner, so I decided to teach her.
Teach a girl how to fish, instead of feeding her fishes everyday!

Lovely token from the crew! I love how pretty and intricate kebayas are. I wanna be in one someday!

That concludes Makeup Refinery's assignments for the past weeks. We have enjoyed ourselves, and glad to receive compliments and encouragements from everyone we have worked with!

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