Are you - Too Cool For School?

different . fun . smart . artistic
a whole new culture of experimental beauty art regardless of generation or age
world of too cool ... it's all you've ever dreamt of

is finally in Singapore (Far East Plaza)!

The brand is introduced in 2009 as a division of TODACOSA where the image reflects originality, experimentation and artistic sensibilities.

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza14.jpg

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza12.jpg

I'm definitely too cool for school with my favourite pink hair!

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza4.jpg

Visiting Too Cool For School last Saturday after my hair treatment at J7Image, was really an unexpected surprise for me....

This is where I found out that someone out there is following my blog and is excited to see me!
Thank you Fitri! You made my day!

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza15.jpg

The store is not only to cool for school, it's just way too cool to handle!

Although creepy, these dolls reminds me that how many people are so unhappy with their looks and body, that they hope that they can just walk into a shop and change a body part.

Are you one of them?

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza10.jpg

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza11.jpg

Looking at these cases filled to the brim with makeup just make me sooooo excited!
I want a suitcase full of my favourite cosmetics too!

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza8.jpg

Not only packaging, the names and the way of display are super cool too!
Kudos to the visual merchandiser, keeping the spirit uniform throughout the shop.

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza9.jpg

Pampering you from head toe..

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza13.jpg

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza5.jpg

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza3.jpg

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza6.jpg

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza1.jpg

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza2.jpg

Have I caught your attention?
Jean George Llong Sun Block (SPF 50 PA+++)
UV Protection + Anti-Wrinkle Care + Whitening + Makeup Primer

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza7.jpg

I receive a cool door gift too!
Was in a rush, so didn't get a chance to swatch the products. :(

Hope to be able to review their products soon!

 photo TooCoolForSchoolFarEastPlaza16.jpg

If you don't feel cool,
Wanna be cool,
Hope to remain cool,

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