Ramen Kagetsu Arashi Opens at Tampines 1!

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi has finally arrived at Singapore and landed in Tampines 1!
Established in 1992, Kagetsu is one of the largest Ramen chain in Japan with more than 260 outlets worldwide.

We were glad to be invited *cough* staff's perks*cough* to their opening last Wednesday!

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines15_zps9b12cfce.jpg

The Japanese boss addressing to his guests and share his aspirations for Ramen Kagetsu Arashi in Singapore and Asia!

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What are they looking at?!

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The Japanese guests were really supportive and enthusiastic about what's coming up!

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How can we go without Kagami Biraki at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi opening ceremony?
Kagami Biraki is a ceremony where Japanese will break open the wooden casks of Sake with mallets during major occasions like store openings, wedding and other celebrations. In Singapore, we usually call it 
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Every invited guests get to enjoy a cuppa Sake to enjoy a share of good fortune!
The Sake was so strong that I thought I was going to faint immediately!

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines127_zps84dd5271.jpg

Cheers to more successful establishment ahead!
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After the Sake Opening Ceremony, we were treated with an awesome Taiko performance!
They were the same team invited for Liang Court Konnichiwa Japan Fest opening.

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Time for food! Everyone is excited about what's in store for them!

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My signature "take photo with the menu" pose.

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines16_zps5822028c.jpg

Yummy Ramens with different broths.

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines115_zpsef00f167.jpg

Add some toppings to spice up your bowl of Ramen!

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines116_zpsa0974bab.jpg

Lovely colleagues waiting for the upcoming feast.

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines13_zps12b80e17.jpg

First Up!

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The friendly staff will help you to give the Teppan rice a good stir to ensure all the flavours are immersed in the rice!

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines117_zpsfae193c8.jpg

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines119_zps592b01a4.jpg

The Teppan and sauce makes the rice really fragrant and I love the egg!
If you like the burnt part of Claypot rice, you will definitely love this!

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines120_zps44bdc595.jpg

GYOZA ($6/5pc)
The skins are pan-fried to perfection, but I wish there were more flavour for the fillings and saltier.

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines121_zpsb3aa187f.jpg

What's cooking?

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines123_zpsfa02ad0d.jpg

We ordered the signature

The ramen uses Tonkotsu broth simmered with pork marrow, pork, collagen and fats. Lots of garlic were added to the base, thus, you might have a garlicky breath aftermath.

Fresh garlics and a tool will be served upon request for you to squash out the garlic paste, which indeed made the soup more flavoursome!

The egg served with the ramen was a hard boiled egg, with option to add on a runny yolked egg with $1.50. Many might be disappointed with this serving, but I heard there's a reason why hard boiled was chosen. The runny yolk was difficult to stay intact in the soup, and might change the taste of the broth while it's "melting" inside.

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines126_zps75021f78.jpg

Looking for some spiciness?
Other than the typical chilli powder, you may want to add in these spicy chives!

 photo RamenKagetsuArashiTampines122_zpsd57017f6.jpg

If you are craving for ramen, why not come to RAMEN KAGETSU ARASHI ?

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Tampines 1, #02-09/10
Tel: 6854 0335
Opening Hrs: 11.30-9.30pm