Phuket Adventure Part 3 (Activities): Phuket FantaSea!

Phuket Fantasea, The Place You Want To Be...!

This entry will be a photolog, so just enjoy yourself!

The entrance fee + performance + buffet dinner is around S$90.
If you have better things to do, don't visit!
 photo PhuketFantaSea3.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea5.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea4.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea2.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea19.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea6.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea7.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea8.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea9.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea11.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea12.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea10.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea13.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea14.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea15.jpg



 photo PhuketFantaSea1.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea16.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea18.jpg

 photo PhuketFantaSea17.jpg

I will work harder to update more often!
In the meanwhile, please take care of yourself during this hazy season. As I'm typing this entry, the PSI is 290!