Phuket Adventure Part 2 (Activities): Phuket Shooting Range + Mor Mu Dong + Massage

The previous Phuket trip I had with Beilin and Yan Wan was filled with water sports, island hopping and shopping at night market. But this ADVENTUROUS trip was really an experience filled with a basketful of things I never thought I would have tried if not for this trip.

First up, Live Shooting with REAL GUN!!!

 photo PhuketShootingRange8.jpg

Our first stop before lunch was Phuket Shooting Range, the first shooting range in Phuket, where they provides training from indoor accuracy training to outdoor combat courses.

 photo PhuketShootingRange5.jpg

The centre was filled with super long bangs of the firearms and it's really terrifying! 
It's doesn't help when I was facing this scene when I enter the place... (*no ill-intention*)

 photo PhuketShootingRange3.jpg

That's how we feel even when the ear phones are up!

 photo PhuketShootingRange2.jpg

After a few minutes of physiological adjustments, we were off to choose our arms!

We were told that the Caliber .22 (Short-Long) has very minimum impact and isn't exciting at all. So we choose the Caliber .45 at 990 baht ($42) for 10 bullets.

 photo PhuketShootingRange4.jpg

The target board were swung to 15 yards away and here we go!!!

 photo PhuketShootingRange6.jpg

Females are required to be seated with both elbows on the table while men stands.

 photo PhuketShootingRange7.jpg

There were a total of 10 bullets, but by the 2nd bullet was shot, I felt like giving up!
The impact of the shot was horrifying and the piping hot bullet shells were flying everywhere! I couldn't imagine how people can put a bullet through a living thing when shooting a piece of target board is terrible enough..

But well, after the 10 bullets, I made it with a 33% accuracy. If you wanna have a benchmark of the accuracy, I saw a man (who has definitely served his NS) got an accuracy of 21% with the same gun!

 photo PhuketShootingRange9.jpg

Survivors of Caliber .45!

 photo PhuketShootingRange10.jpg

Get your hands on some live shooting at Phuket Shooting Range!

82/2 Patak Rd. Ampur Muang Phuket 83130


After the shooting, we are off to PORNTHIP with our sore palms!

 photo PhuketShootingRange1.jpg

Like typical tourists, we were brought to Pornthip to buy some local delights!

 photo PornthipPhuketCashewnut1.jpg

Somehow, I believe that the shop was set up to slaughter tourists with high prices, because those snacks can be bought at supermarket (Big C) and Family Mart at a much lower price.

 photo PornthipPhuketCashewnut3.jpg

Cashewnuts when it's still on trees!

 photo PornthipPhuketCashewnut2.jpg

After the shopping, we had a random group shot with the suffocating cute fish mascot!

 photo PornthipPhuketCashewnut4.jpg

So the people are hungry, stomachs are growling!
Mangrove Dining at Mor Mu Dong!

One of the top 10 great local seafood restaurants recommended by Phuket101.

You seriously need an experienced local driver to bring you around secluded place like this! I will share the driver's contact in my last post, so stay tuned!

 photo PhuketLunch1.jpg

Technically, it's not a restaurant, it's like a Hut with dining area.

credits: Willy Thuan from Phuket101

The hut is surrounded by Mangroves, but the view wasn't magnificent when we were there as there hasn't been any wet weather for awhile.

 photo PhuketLunch3.jpg

 photo PhuketLunch7.jpg

As irrelevant as it seems, I love Marilyn Monroe!

 photo PhuketLunch2.jpg

We ordered lotsa food like Tom Yum Soup, Fried Sotong etc. but I was too hungry to shoot them all!

Here's some yummies!

We spend around $10+ for the stomach filling lunch!

 photo PhuketLunch6.jpg

 photo PhuketLunch5.jpg

 photo PhuketLunch4.jpg

Address:  9/4 Chao Fah Ta Wan Aok Road, Chalong Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District., Phuket Town, Phuket, Thailand (near Phuket Zoo)
*address is hard to find, hope this is accurate enough!

Mor Mu Dong has even appeared on Bizarre Foods!

After lunch, it's Massage Time!
Damn unhealthy I know, please don't learn from us.

Leelawadee Massage!
We spent 700baht ($30) for 2 hours Traditional Thai Massage which provides us with shiokness and painful-ness!

We were getting cracking here and there and at one point it was so comfortable that I fell asleep drooling. Haha.

 photo PhuketLeelawaleeMassage1.jpg

Simin gets complimentary shoulders massage while waiting and the rest is just censored.

 photo PhuketLeelawaleeMassage2.jpg

That concludes thet DAY-time activity of Day 1!

Next up!