JEM Opening Date Has Been Postponed Till Further Notice

Are you as excited as the rest of the shoppers in the West, waiting for the much anticipated opening of Jem, the third largest suburban mall (818,000sqft) in Singapore?

Jem was counting down to its opening on 11 June since 1 June with hype created both on their official Facebook page and social media sites of their tenants, including online boutique Tracyeinny to anchor tenant, H&M!

I cannot imagine the compiling issues that Jem's management will get from its retailers and the compensation that they have to make due to the delay. 

credits: Jem Facebook Page

With all the chasing and rushing of their tenants to get their shops ready for its opening, I bet the tenants were shocked and fury when they receive the news late last night on the postpone of opening date till further notice.

I was suprised that I gotten this piece of news from their tenants Tracyeinny and KFC's Facebook page before Jem's.

Not surprisingly, many comments were flaming at Jem's incompetency to get the mall opened as promised. While other shoppers were forgiving giving that a delay in opening won't harm.


As reported in this morning Straits Time, many retailers have already put in marketing efforts and investment in preparing for the opening today, with tenants like H&M having their advertisement on the opening on newspaper. I would have feel raged and embarrased if I am the retailer who have spent more than I should on the rushing of renovation works and investment in advertising fee.


As for the reason to why Jem was not open today..

On its website, Jem has announced its reason for the delay:

"We would like to notify the public that Jem will not be opening on 11th June. This is due to an administrative issue. We were anticipating having received all the necessary endorsements by end of business yesterday however that was not the case. We have therefore taken the difficult decision of not opening the mall to the public today in order to adhere to regulatory requirements. This is in the best interest of the public and the retailers.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and we will notify the public on the new opening date as soon as possible."

The delay has been postponed twice, now, will you trust them again on their next "opening" announcement?