Uniqlo- UT POP-UP! Singapore Media Night!

The UT-POP-UP! featuring LifeWear is finally in Singapore after travelling around the world to places like NY, Tokyo and Taiwan!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore.jpg

I love my job because I always get to attend exclusive events like this as a VIP (following Topshop launch)! Talking about perks!

We were welcomed by the friendly ladies of Uniqlo at the registration counter.

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore10.jpg

Corporate partners, celebrities and bloggers were invited as well!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore1.jpg

Everyone were impressed by this huge creative structure they have built with their new line of LifeWear featuring works of classic artists on tees!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore2.jpg

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore4.jpg

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore13.jpg

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore15.jpg

We were well served with food and Moet & Chandon Champagne!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore3.jpg

Everything there were so artsy!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore9.jpg

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore7.jpg

We even got the chance to dress up in their new line for photoshoot!
Badges were given as gifts and our animated clips were featured on their site!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore5.jpg

So we go from "BAH" office ladies...

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore8.jpg

Trendy Hot Chicks! (ya, I said HOT chicks!)

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore11.jpg

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore12.jpg

Jen and my funny gif!

More hilarious clips can be found here.

Throughout the public event on 4 & 5 May, local artistes from Noise Singapore were invited to perform for all shoppers! So cool right?!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore16.jpg

That's not all!

All attendees got themselves 2 complimentary tees that night! Whoohoo!! Super Happy!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore6.jpg

Many people were already swooping the new collection when we went to the 2nd floor.

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore21.jpg

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore17.jpg

Loving the cute Minnie!

But I chose the stripey Lulu Guinness top instead because the smooching red lips were so irresistible!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore18.jpg

Long queue at the cashier counter!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore19.jpg

After that, we collected our badges!

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore20.jpg

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore22.jpg

So act cute right?
But we love this photo so much!

Thanks Jen for being so sporting!

 photo UTPOP-UPSingapore1.jpg

We were so happy at the event, really thankful for the opportunity to attend the event with good food, drinks, pretty photos, cute badges and new tees!

And, we weren't the only ones happy that night!

Check out Alex's new Keith Haring tee!
Super "adorable" on him! Haha.

 photo UTPop-UPSingapore23.jpg

All LifeWear are coming soon to local Uniqlo stores!
Visit them soon! Especially Tampines 1 store at level 2!