Mcdonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection!

I'm finally back after a longgggg hiatus!

And my first entry to welcome my return gonna be the exciting.....

McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection!

I was so excited about this preview event because this is the first event after my hiatus, and also my first McDonald's event!

I feel so princessy when I arrived, cos I'm presented with what looks like a kid's birthday party!
I got my Frog Princess Hello Kitty, smoothie with pink-striped straw, the room is so colourful and decorated with balloons!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection6.jpg

3 of the designs were presented to the bloggers and there are all so adorable!
But fate brought Frog Princess and me together..

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection5.jpg

The boxes were designed to look like a hard cover fairy tales story book!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection1.jpg


 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection3.jpg

The 3 kitties that I arranged!
So cute right?

These are- Lion from Wizard of Oz, Frog Princess and Little Red Riding Hood!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection4.jpg

Fortunate ladies who got their hands on the kitties before everyone else!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection2.jpg

My fated one..

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection16.jpg

Here comes our "Happy Meal!"

The soon-to-come:

Strawberry McFizz
Wasabi and Honey Mustard Dip (13 June)
Curry Shaker Fries (not in photo)

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection10.jpg

The honey mustard and wasabi dip are both soooo nice!
Couldn't decide which one I like better.

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection11.jpg

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection12.jpg

This pretty lady (Melody Chen look-alike) is McDonald's representative who shared many exciting and upcoming products of McDonald's!

And thanks to her, the bloggers got themselves a 2nd, if not 3rd kitty!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection7.jpg

I got myself the Singing Bone kitty during a social media sharing exercise and an Ugly Duckling kitty for Q&A! So lucky!

Question: Where is Hello Kitty from?
My Ans: (to be safe) Hello Kitty was drawn by a Japanese and Hello Kitty was born in England!

Yay! An Ugly Duckling is mine now!

Well, I even know that Hello Kitty was "born" on 1 November 1974  and weighs 3 apples!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection17.jpg

Now I owe 3 kitties (1st 3 on on the left) and 3 more to go!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection13.jpg

Ladies there were transformed to little girls instantly with the full atmosphere of Hello Kitty cuteness!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection15.jpg

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection8.jpg

One special kitty in the series was the McDelivery Kitty!

Only available when you order McDelivery, do keep that in mind!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection9.jpg

Made some new friends at the event and really love how everyone is so kitty-crazed and motivated to collect the whole series!

 photo McdonaldsHelloKittyFairyTalesCollection19.jpg


The kitties are available in McDonald's from 30 May onwards!
Grab yours at $4.60 when you order an Extra Value Meal!!