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Last weekend, I was invited by Nuffnang to "BeCharmed at CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS" hosted by Bongqiuqiu!

Love Qiuqiu's sense of humour, genuine and down to earth personality so much! I was seriously star strucked and I feel very honoured to be able to seat beside her that day (you will know why later)!

We were given these pretty selection of jewels to blinged our bracelets! Each crystal beads were charmed with Swarovski crystals that's why they look so shiny in real life! Each series comes with different price.

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Qiuqiu was at the workshop all the way from 12.30pm to 3pm to help every participants with their bracelets! 

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See how serious she is while listening to the master at "Crystals and Beads" in Jurong Point.

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop8.jpg

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop7.jpg

Finally, it's my turn!

I get to sit beside Qiuqiu and watch her creating my soon-to-be prettiest blinged bracelet!

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop10.jpg

It's actually really easy to DIY your very own customized accessories!

You only need to select your charms, open up the bracelet's round hook with 2 small pliers, add in the charms, close the hook and viola!

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop12.jpg

I wanted to try doing the bracelet myself, but which fan can resist having Qiuqiu creating their bracelets for them? :X

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop6.jpg

Ta dahhhh!!!
My charmed bracelet by QiuQiu!

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop5.jpg

After my charms was done, I heard Qiuqiu asking the organizer whether she can start giving out the prizes she had prepared.
(Prizes details can be found here.)

In my heart, I was like "Is it me? Is it me? Which one should I choose?"

Then, she turned to me and said "You want to win which prize?"


I told her I love both the lippies and perfume so she took them out to let me choose.
She even suggested the lippies are better cos it took her more effort, all painstakingly sticked by her!

And the best thing is, I got both the lippies as she promised in her blog!
The event was on Saturday, and I was soooo excited even on Monday when I bring around my lippies and show off to everyone in the office!


 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop1.jpg

The lippies are so shiny!

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop3.jpg

Look at the description of the precious lippies from Qiuqiu blog!

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop14.jpg

Second idol of the day was Keith Png!

I have saw him so many times on TV styling celebrities, and it's the first time I get to see his handsome face in real life! Trust me, all celebrities might look normal on TV or photos, but when you see them in real life, they are usually more stunning!

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop2.jpg

Keith was there to educate ladies on how to groom themselves with simple accessories for work and date nights. Needless to say, accessories with Swarovski elements are usually simple and elegant to be wore on any occasions.

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop.jpg

I guess I was happy and lucky because I wore a Happy coordinate out of house that day!
Pretty and colourful floral skirt with bright orange top and bright fuchsia metal cap pumps.

 photo BongqiuqiuSwarovskiCrystalWorkshop4.jpg