Sponsored Trip to Resorts World Genting + KL 2D1N Trip : Part 3 and FXmicropay X Resort World Genting Launch

Finally got the time to blog about the last part of my Genting + KL trip!

After our breakfast, it's time to say goodbye.... to the wonderful Genting First World Hotel!

Group photo before we hit off the road to KL!

 photo Resorts-World-Genting.jpg

Shopping time at Pavillion!
Work hazard of the day... keep snapping photos of the in-mall collaterals, took brochures for future reference for my work. Haha.

 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion13.jpg

Japanese themed promotion for their launch of Tokyo Street.

 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion14.jpg

Their Tokyo Street shopping area is filled with Japanese food, products and Daiso! Great place to shop for those Jap-junkies! 

 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion12.jpg

So happy to see our favourite Doreamon photo booth!
I used to religiously wake up at 9.30am every Saturday and Sunday to watch the cartoon!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion2.jpg

Brrrr.. Snapshot with the snow-man who got lost fromm Snow World.

 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion.jpg

Hiya! I'm Mirai, the kawaii Japanese girl with CURVES!!
 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion7.jpg

Nah.. This is how Sherie should look like.. in the toilet.
Super big full length mirror in their extremely spacious toilet!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion6.jpg


 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion8.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion15.jpg

Standard order- Cha Shu Ramen.

 photo ResortsWorldGentingKLPavillion9.jpg

Since there's still time before the bus came to pick us up, here's some dessert to share!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingOneKLPavillion12.jpg

After a long ride to One Utama bus terminal (bus to Singapore), we were told that the bus will arrive at 6.30pm (4hours later!)

So what do we do? Go Neway KTV!
Cos the bloggers aka social media addicts need their dosage of WIFI!!!!

So we paid S$13 each for some WIFI and KTV fun!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingOneUtama3.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingOneUtama4.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingOneUtama1.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingOneUtama.jpg

It's finally 6.30pm!
Bus arrived for home, and it also means that we are leaving our beloved (nanny) JQ.

Thank you for your effort in taking care of us, the naughty bloggers for the two fun-filled day! 

 photo ResortsWorldGenting.jpg

Really love my 2D1N exciting trip with Victor, Susan, Tiffany, Alan, Angie, Don and Jacqueline!

FXmicropay X Resort World Genting Launch

 photo genting76.jpg

Resorts World Genting launched a multi-currency pricing solution on its ‘iHoliday’ online reservation system, developed using FXmicropayTM, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) innovative e-commerce foreign exchange management solution.  This makes Resorts World Genting the first resort in Malaysia to be offering such a service. At the launch were Mr Thomas Ng, Senior Vice President of eServices & Risk Management, Resorts World Genting and Andrew Sill, Country Executive of RBS Berhad together with Mr Chow Wei Heng, Vice President of National Marketing, Resorts World Genting.

Through RBS’s FXmicropay, Resorts World Genting will receive direct FX rates which are linked to the ‘iHoliday’ online reservation system, allowing customers to conduct instant multi-currency pricing and ultimately charging the same amount. This enhancement will improve customers’ experience where customers can browse and buy their products such as hotel rooms, theme park tickets and show tickets in the currency that they recognize best. It will take away the surprise element that is currently associated with exchange rate fluctuations and conversions, making online transactions transparent and straightforward.

 photo genting77.jpg

The online multi-currency pricing is now available at www.rwgenting.com under iHoliday booking for Resorts World Genting, Resorts World Kijal and Resorts World Langkawi.  Customers can now pay for their purchases online in any of these currencies – Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), US Dollar (USD) or the Singapore Dollar (SGD). Yay!