Sponsored Trip to Resorts World Genting + KL 2D1N Trip : Part 2

After lunch at Bubbles & Bites, it's time for FUN at the OUTDOOR THEME PARK!

Romantic Walls Ferris Wheel

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark39.jpg
 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark45.jpg
 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark40-1.jpg

We were invited to ride on the new addition, The Waves!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark41.jpg

It feels good to be at the priority queue!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark42-1.jpg

We definitely love the ride! Here's Victor and I praising the rides at the photo wall!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark49.jpg

We were given an unlimited free pass to all the rides!
Let's GO!

We begin the journey of finding rides!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark48.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark46.jpg

Our first ride was the mini Roller Coaster!
It was so fun and definitely a breakthrough for me!

Victor and I re-enacting our fear during the ride.

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark43-1.jpg

After a few exciting rides, we end off with this surprisely fun and thrilling Merry-swing-go-round!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark38-1.jpg

We left the theme park at about 8pm with Missy Elephant biding us goodbye.

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark47.jpg

Using Angie's Fish Lens for our Group Photos!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark51-1.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingThemePark50-1.jpg

Dinner Time at the Coffee Terrace! 

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner2.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner3.jpg

Coffee Terrace offers a wide range of international food choices!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner7.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner12.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner9.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner5.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner4.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner6.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner13.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner10.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner15.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner8.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner14.jpg

I don't remember what were we saying or what were they focusing on.
Some gossip maybe?

 photo ResortsWorldGentingDinner16.jpg

After dinner and some rest, we went the Snow World!

All ready for some fun!

 photo 521827_618373851523331_2021447946_n.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingSnowWorld2.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingSnowWorld4.jpg

"Thanks" to Alan, we played some kiddy catching game in the super cold Snow World and we came out panting and exhausted!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingSnowWorld1.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGentingSnowWorld.jpg

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