Sponsored Trip to Resorts World Genting + KL 2D1N Trip : Part 1

Yay! My first blogger sponsored trip from the generous Resorts World Genting!
Thank you JQ for all the coordination and 2 days of nanny pampering! XOXO.

 photo ResortsWorldGenting37.jpg

I brought along the free-est and my favourite boy on this trip with me, he's none other than the little boy in this photo 16 years ago!

 photo ResortsWorldGentingFirstWorld.jpg

Oh my.. How much we have grown!!

After 2 hours of sleep for myself, we set off to Golden Mile for our 2D1N getaway with the bloggers whom we have gone closer to at the trip! They are the cutest and most fun travel companions!

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From 7+am to 2+pm, we finally reached our destination, Resorts World Genting First World Hotel!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting1.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting2.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting3.jpg

Our cozy room for the night!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting4.jpg

After some touch up of make-up and packing smaller bag for the theme park, we headed out for lunch!

Throughout the journey to the restaurant, we went through the indoor theme park and went escalators over escalators.

If I'm not wrong, this must be the Eiffel Tower that every couple took photo with when they are here. Hehe.

 photo ResortsWorldGenting5.jpg

BUBBLES & BITES for lunch!

The restaurant is located at level 2 of Highlands Hotel.

 photo ResortsWorldGenting6.jpg

2 full pages of menu to choose our food and drinks from!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting7.jpg

For diners who are too hungry to wait for the food to be prepared and cooked, here are some ready-to-eat meals!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting11.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting8.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting9.jpg

Susan, Tiffany, Victor and I were crazily thirsty and famished, so we grab our drinks from this huge fridge so that we wouldn't have to wait any longer!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting10.jpg

Our drinks!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting12.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting13.jpg

Bloggers are born camwhores, so how can we sit back and relax while waiting for our food?

 photo ResortsWorldGenting15.jpg

Training Victor from young!
 photo ResortsWorldGenting16.jpg

And our patience paid off with the arrivals of these yummilious foods!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting26.jpg

Freshly Tossed Caesar Salad

 photo ResortsWorldGenting18.jpg

Seafood Pasta

 photo ResortsWorldGenting17.jpg

Huge Steak (for 2)

 photo ResortsWorldGenting25.jpg

Mushroom Baguette

 photo ResortsWorldGenting20.jpg

Peri Peri Chicken

 photo ResortsWorldGenting24.jpg

Scotch Egg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting28.jpg

Halfway through our meal, the hospitable host of Bubble & Bites brought some some (a lot) wines for us to try out!
Luckily Victor was already legal during the trip! Hehe.

 photo ResortsWorldGenting19.jpg

After a few mouthful of different delicious wines, I feel a bit high already. You can totally see it from my eyes and actions.

 photo ResortsWorldGenting29.jpg

One of my crazy attempt after a few sips.

 photo Genting-gif.gif

A cheers to celebrate great friendship from strangers!
"Strangers are friends you haven't know!" So true.

 photo ResortsWorldGenting14.jpg

More about Bubbles & Bites here.
After the hearty lunch, we brought our heavy tummies to The Visitors' Galleria!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting37i.jpg

In the Galleria, we learnt the history of Genting and the great noble man behind the empire!

 photo ResortsWorldGenting36.jpg

Wise words from the wise man.

 photo ResortsWorldGenting30.jpg

A tour around the galleria to learn about the history, making and achievements of Genting Highlands.

 photo ResortsWorldGenting32.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting33.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting35.jpg

 photo ResortsWorldGenting34.jpg

I was awed by the achievements of one great man, with an aspiration at a tender age. With dreams and determination, he built the Genting Highlands we know today. More history of the empire here.

Too much information in one post, stay tuned  for part 2 on our fun trip at the outdoor theme park and Snow World!