Liang Court Konnichiwa Japan Fest Media Launch

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Liang Court is celebrating Kodomo No Hi (Japanese Children Day) with Konnichiwa Japan Fest!
You may look at the short introduction of the traditional festival below. 

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Rebek and I was invited and I'm so excited for the the media launch!

The adorable Eco-Koinobori is made from recycled material by the talented students from Huamin Primary School! Those kois made the mall so lively and colourful!

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There are also display of art works from other talented students on the theme of eco, environmental-friendly and sustainability!

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At the main atrium, there was an interesting Eco-Fair with businesses selling eco-friendly products!

These bikes are from the recently highly raved Bamboo Bee!

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Other eco-friendly stalls at the fair.

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Disney eco-friendly bags and pouches!

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There is a Samurai warrior headgear, Kabuto, on display which represents bravery, nobility and energetic qualities of great Samurai warriors which boys should inspired to be.

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The media launch begins with address from Asiamalls AGM, Audrey Balakrishnan.

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After the speeches, here's comes the anticipated Sake opening by Audrey and Director of Medi-ya, Nagoshi!

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This is great because everyone present gets to taste the Sake!

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Cheers to more exciting events to come!
Success to Asiamalls!

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The climax of the launch was the Taiko performance that is so "heart-throbbing" (literally) performed by the lovely drum family!

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Enjoy their performance!

Happy family and emcee of the day!

That's me with the giant Sake barrel!

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Everyone feasting at the refreshments!

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Japanese cakes and sushi!

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If you are interested in Japanese festival or anything related to Japan, it's time you take a tour at Liang Court!
They have more fun-filled activities in the next few weeks!

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Shoppers get rewarded too!

Spend a min. of $180* to redeem 4 games carnical tickets and one of these gifts!
*T&C applies.

19 to 25 April- Eco Tote Bag

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26 April to 2 May- Eco Onigiri Bento Bowl
3 May to 12 May- Koinobori Onigiri Bento Bowl

not so big size of course!

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Visit for more information!