Levi’s® 501 Interpretation Event at ION Orchard + Contest Details

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Xu Yahui, Felicia Chin, Ian Fang, Tosh Zhang and I

My first fashion event as a blogger!
I was invited by omy.sg for the exciting Levi’s® 501 Interpretation Event at ION Orchard on 20 April, and I really enjoyed my 2 hours of celebrity gazing in front of the stage!

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After waited for a while, the bloggers finally got the chance to queue for a photo session with the stars of the day.

Look, Tosh is looking at me!

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There was a huge crowd gathered at B3 and B4 to wait for their favourite celebrities!

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At around 2pm, DJ Ivy Tan addresses the audience, fully cladded in stylish Levi's apparels!

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Yahui and Tosh walked the runway in style!
   photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard7.jpg

Do you know? This Spring/Summer 2013, the Levi’s® brand is marking the 140th anniversary of its iconic 501® jeans by introducing a non-denim Levi’s® 501® collection for the first time. Breaking with tradition, yet maintaining the product’s true essence and timeless spirit, the three-piece non-denim collection is available in true chino, chalk blue and mineral red. Ya hui is spotting in the feminine mineral red!

Tosh is such a heart-throb, he show off some dance moves that leave girls (and some guys) in awe!

The first stage activity with the audiences.

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The celebrities are required to work hand in hand with their team mates to label all signature icons of a Levi's 501 e.g. Button Fly, Dual Horse label etc.

Felicia came in first! Look at her elated face.

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard9.jpg

But there's no losers as everyone else got themselves a Levi's goodie bag.

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard10.jpg

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard11.jpg

The next stage activity is for the celebrities to unleash their creativity and fashion sense by dressing up 8 Days shirtless guys! Whoohoo, muscle men!

Yahui is so lucky to get the chance to style the cutest shirtless guy (who happens to be my sec sch junior)! Look at them, smiling from ear to ear.

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard13.jpg

Ian crying for some justice as the guy is too cute to resist for the voters!

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard14.jpg

The shirtless guy were asked to do some push-ups and catwalk with the outfits to show its comfort and style!

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard15.jpg

Proud stylists and their models of the day.

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard19.jpg

Tosh's model is like the young Elvin Ng, and very Korean look-alike.

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard16.jpg

The swaggers hit the runway with an attitude.

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard17.jpg

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard18.jpg

The guys received overwhelming votes from the excited fans and of course, I cast my vote to my favourite Tosh!

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard20.jpg


The winning team is.... Yahui and Nick!

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard25.jpg

The cutest team with the most sunshine smiles!

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard24.jpg

Group photos with the winning voters as well!

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard23.jpg

It's definitely an event filled with the most number of hunks and babes gathered at one place!

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard21.jpg

Of course, a successful event have to be backed by a great team! Thanks team Levi's!

 photo Levirsquosreg501InterpretationEventIONOrchard22.jpg

Wanna be a style icon with Levi's apparels?


Share your 501® look which best represents your individual 501® style interpretation and be part of Levi's® 501 gallery!

  • $300 cash + $200 Levi’s® merchandise
  • Be part of the Levi’s® global 501® campaign
  • Score invites to the Levi’s® 501® party (May 2013)

For more details, visit http://levis501.com.sg today!