KBoxing with Community Games Bloggers + New Exciting Packages!

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My first event with Community Games and it turned out to be one of my favourite activity, KTV!

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Pretty menu!

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We were housed in the large VIP with private pool table, big screen and lotsa  comfortable seats!

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It's been so long since I last have a proper game played, and not surprisingly, I deteriorated a lot!

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After the game, KBox representative addresses us, and after that is dinner time!
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My best choice: Tom Yum Fried Rice with Chicken Skewer! Nice!

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Prawn Aglio Oilo

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Thousand Island Chicken Chop with Rice

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See how I'm enjoying my chicken skewer! I love the tenderness of the Teriyaki chicken and the rice is not as spicy as I thought!

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Everyone definitely enjoyed their food!

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After dinner, we had some Ping Pong challenge, and I don't know I'm lucky or what, I came in first!!!

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I got myself this cute Rilakkuma! Thank You!

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Also would like to thank KBox and Calvin for being a good host. (Although I look threatening here.) Hehe.

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Lovely bloggers of the night!

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If you love singing, miss KBox and is craving for some good deals, check THESE out!

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Now you can have fun with your friends and family at KBox too!