Annual CNY Gathering at Phangy's!


Sorry for the long hiatus, has been busy with WORK, school, CNY, Chingay rehearsal, rest and slacking.

On 16 Feb, the 306 ladies finally got a chance to meet up again at the Annual CNY Gathering at Phangy's!
This is an annual affair where we all get to indulge in lotsa foods, homemade goodies and some "game"!

CHEERS to a new year of better HEALTH, WEALTH & BEAUTY!

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner1_zpsa988f8cb.jpg

My second Yu Sheng of the year with real "Yu Sheng" instead of Salmon!

My new practice of the year is to shout "Huat Ah!" upon each ingredients. Haha.

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner7_zpse219339b.jpg


 photo ChineseNewYearDinner8_zpsec5c1343.jpg

All these single ladies should start getting married soon! Can't wait to get my ang bao from them next year!

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner9_zps23fe760c.jpg

Foodies! Steamboat was missing cos the soup just failed to boil!
So Yan Wan decided to heat the soup over the stove. :(

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner2_zpse907e4a1.jpg

Sumptuous meal with these goodies!

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner3_zpsc64b4de3.jpg

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner4_zpse3fb1649.jpg

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner5_zpsb16f9565.jpg

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner6_zpsef71a8ce.jpg

Happy Ayuni and Sarah! Ayuni had been accompany us with her Pizza for the past 3 years!
New dish for her next year, Yan Wan!
(Ayuni order pasta for next CNY, hehe)

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner11_zpsa1a43d35.jpg

No gamble for Ayuni, here's some melon seeds to keep yourself awake during our games!

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner10_zpsef5c27ff.jpg

Handmade desserts from YW's mum in the middle of our game!
Soft and tangy macaroons and moist Lemon sponge cake! Yums.. Salivating when I'm typing.. :X

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner16_zps06455411.jpg

Every year, we have this superstitious of placing our lucky charms in front of us. My china "zhen dema" really never help me to win much money although I got occasional Blackjack and 5 in a row. But Sarah's dual ang bao power made her $27 richer from all the small gains! Humphh!

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner13_zps19cf5d96.jpg

Moscato during the game made me dance during the toilet breaks. No wonder I wasn't making right judgement throughout the game!

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner12_zps106df34a.jpg

After 7 hours of insane "gaming", I managed to lose $8!
As usual, the host is the biggest loser! Poor thing..

These are some of my proud moments..

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner14_zps42283203.jpg

After a good meal, desserts, wine and loads of fun, we still have presents!
My Lots-o and Bath Body Works all the way from the states! :D

Thank you Yan Wan for hosting our CNY celebration this year!
I hope that 306 (including WEI LUN!) would meet up soon! Hopefully we get to organize our CNY gathering at Sarah's and WL's new house in a few years time!

 photo ChineseNewYearDinner15_zps5d77dd13.jpg