Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant with My Loves!

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When I first heard of Swee Choon, I was like, "Isn't 126 the best Tim Sum place around?"

Swee Choon topped the Google search as one of the best supper place and best Tim Sum restaurant in Singapore.

So when Alex and I decided to rent a car on some random night, we know Swee Choon is our top prioritise place to go! Two weeks after my virgin trip, I visited Swee Choon again after my Ukelele rehearsal with Dearie and my baby brother!


This is a foodporn entry! 
I have combined the yummy foodies we ordered during the 2 visits!


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Look at how big it is! The whole stretch of shop houses (1st floor) belongs to them! It has no lack of customers when I visited at 3.40am on my first trip and it was packed with a queue of at least 30 people when I left at 7.30pm on my second trip!

Spoilt for choice with the 4 full page menus!

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Service bell which save you the trouble of waving and shouting "Excuse Me! Excuse Me!!!!

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On my trip with Anna and company..

"Spoilt for choices" faces.

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The 'brothers" who shared the same Zodiac and Birthday! :)

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My shagged face after practice.

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We sat in front of the kitchen where master chef bangs his dough into noodles!

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Signature Dish: Mee Sua Cake

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Taste not bad, but not my type of food. Feel gelard after 2 pieces.

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My favourite Xiao Long Bao of all time!
Even better than Ding Tai Fung's!

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Other XLB tends to have their skins dried up after awhile, but these remain soft and juicy! Super love!

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Random yummy dishes..

Spicy Tender Steamed Chicken

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Pretty awesome Char Siew Pau

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Soft and delectable Lor Mai Kai 

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Full of fresh prawns & mushrooms Siew Mai

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Tender Chicken (non-spicy)

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Pork Floss Fried Tofu

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Double Boiled Chicken Soup
Not salty enough for my liking, but definitely a comfort food on a rainy day.

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Steamed Egg Chicken

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Dessert: Fried Red Bean Pancakes
It will be perfect if it's crispier.
Not too sweet, suits Alex's taste.

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Soft and "juicy" Egg Tarts

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See what I mean..

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Happy BF with Big Chicken Pau!

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Dishes to avoid~!

Chicken Feet
Tasteless and not Q enough.

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Fried Fish Skin
Smells a bit too fishy,  not fragrant and does not taste salty enough.

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Nonetheless, remember to complete you meal with some warm Soya Bean drink or Barley!

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My happy bro who's satisfied with his first attempt on Tim Sum!
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2nd trip's bill!

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Thank you Ah Siau for the treat!
Alex, my brother and I appreciate it a lot! :)

Visit them tonight!

191 Jalan Besar S208882
Tel: 6225 7788

Opening Hours: 6pm to 6am
Close Every Tuesdays