DIY Cath Kidston Inspired Nails Tutorial!

Hello! Finally sat down to blog about my first nail tutorial after sooooo long!

As the title suggest, here's what we are doing today..
Step 1: Get all your nail colours ready, and half open the caps for ease of application!
If you don't have a dotting tool, use a big head pin instead!

Step 2: After applying base coat, paint your nails to your favourite base colour from Cath Kidston!

Step 3: With the "head" of the pin, dap on patches of a contrasting colour to create the abstract petals for your roses.

Step 4: With the tip of the pin, draw random swirls on the petals you have just created.
If you trying achieve a more refined look, remember to use a photo reference and draw strokes instead of swirls like mine.

Step 5: Don't forget the leaves! I used yellow on the green nails and green on the white nails to bring more colours to the whole look!


After the mess, clean up the polishes on your fingers and apply a top coat.


Apply a layer of Top Coat every other day to maintain its shine and prevent chipping.
If your nails does chipped, here's what you can do.

Here's my nails exactly 1 week after the first application.

When there's a patch of polish missing, all you need to do is to dap 2 thin layers of the white polish, and coat the whole nail with Top Coat again!

Here you have it! Your very own Cath Kidston nails!