10 Things Your Shouldn't Say To Her!


Hello! We are back to another entry of Sex & Love!

This entry, I'm going to share my personal thoughts on things you shouldn't say to ME! Or your female friends, girlfriends, wife and mother!

1. FAT!

Or anything similar like: you gain weight, you should get a size bigger, you should lose weight, or even, agree that they are fat!

Remember this theory:


Woman + Question on Weight + Right Answer (“You’re not too big” “you’re not too skinny” “Yeah you have put on some weight but I don’t care” “I appreciate you for you”) = YOU'RE SAFE

Woman + Weight + Wrong Answer (“Yeah when are you going gym?” “You sure you should be eating that?” “You need to eat” “You know that don’t fit you right?”) = HELL

No matter how skinny or fat a female is, in her mirror, she always think she looks like this:


Although Alex always send reminders/drop hints on my weight issues and agree that I am fat, I really appreciate his appreciation for me as a girlfriend and always say things that made me feel loved. If you really think
 SHE needs to lose weight, invite her to go exercise with you as a leisure activity instead of telling her to lose weight! 

Smarter right?

This is how a smart boyfriend look like:


Make your girl proud by being the "Smart" boyfriend.


No doubt women are mammals filled with curiosity, there's always no need for you to talk or even compare your girlfriend or your potential girlfriend with your ex(s).

Honestly, I'm a serious jealous pot! So no matter whether you are my boyfriend or potential bf, I would not want to know how well you have treated your ex(s), how she cheated on you or how great she is on bed. (But if you are my guy friends, I welcome you to share your experience :p)

But, if your girl asked about your ex(s), be honest but do not go into details. If you know your ex(s) are better than her, let her know you love her for who she is now, and that you do not have any feelings for them (ex(s)) anymore!

Save yourself some trouble bros!!


We know we do. But we still prefer to sleep beside you without make up because it is good for the skin, and we do not want to stain the pillow case. We put on make up to enhance our looks usually because we are not confident enough with how we look bare faced. If you wanna harp on it and sprinkle salts on the wound, then you gonna hurt the girl's feeling even more!

Having make up on once in a while during sex is good! But let her know you love her au natural look, while helping her to ask your female colleagues whether they have any skincare tips or products to recommend your girlfriend.

More practical right?

Anyway, not all girls are as lucky as your favourite Korean celebrity who have perfect features and complexion after their expensive plastic surgery and loads of skincare products.

Take a look at her:

SNSD's Taeyeon (rumoured)


Source: More rumoured photos of SNSD before surgery here.


Personally, I'm a person who make rash decisions. Especially haircut or hair colour. So once I think that I have decided, I would go for it and ask for opinions later.

Who wouldn't want praises instead of criticisms after a haircut? She might get emotional again and blame herself for making that stupid decision!

Let her know that she looks refreshing with her new haircut or hair colour. But if you do think that she looks way better with her long and straight hair, tell her that it would be more feminine for her to have her old hair, while the new one let her "stand out in the crowd".

Be tactful!

Do you think I look better in my long or short hair?

Remember, don't answer that question!


This is call the "putting her in your shoes!". Don't you hate it when she started to bring up the your past wrongdoings and past arguments in order to make her argument statements more solid than yours?

Don't you hate it when you are 3 years into the relationship and she is still bringing up the fight during your 2nd month together when you went to watch soccer instead of watching "Madagascar" with her?

So my dear guys, please do not do the same to her. You guys are supposed to be not as petty as us and be more creative in your arguments!


DO NOT, I repeat, do not doubt her love for you. It is as hurtful as having your girlfriend or wife criticizing at the present you have spent time and effort getting for her.

No girl (at least me) would go into a relationship without having love for her guy. I am afraid to be committed to a relationship with a guy who I do not love/like or who I have a lot of things that I despise him of. So if I am in a relationship with my boyfriend, I would love him wholeheartedly.

I believe every women is the same.
Please do not hurt her by saying, "If you really love me, you would.."

- have accompanied to my company gathering instead of attending your best friend's wedding
- be able to tolerate my smoking and drinking habits
- not ask me to quit these e.g smoke, gamble, drinks etc.

the list goes on..

Do not be unreasonable, just like you wouldn't want your girlfriend to be.


I definitely love gossiping, who wouldn't? But if your girlfriends, especially potential girlfriend, have not met your group of buddies yet, DO NOT let her know how rotten/playboy/abusive/smelly etc. they are. Unless you wanna warn her which lecher to avoid.

I am a very easily influenced person. So if you would to tell me how Mr A is a stingy, smelly and pervertic man, I would form a very strong pre-impression of him and would not be able to act natural in front of him.

Also, if you are gossiping to your potential girlfriend, what does it says about your character?

Always think twice before spilling the beans of your buddies. Be fair to them too!


Remember they are your brothers!



Do not compare her with guys! Saying things like, "that car is so slow, must be a female driver.." or "what do women know?" would make your girl argue the topic about how Venus is better than Mars or how noble women are etc. for the next 1 hour.

If you want to have a good chat over a meal or during your long bus journey, do not bring up sexist topic that will make the conversation awkward and her being aggressive.


Get your fact right, a little tinge of man chauvinist is good! Women generally prefer guys they like to make the first move. Asking for permission sometimes kills the mood and surprise!

I remember when I was in Sec 3, my boyfriend and I went on our first "date" when he send me home after school. I was looking forward for him to hold my hands. Our hands were so close and we kept "accidentally" touched each other! Instead of surprising me with his hand holding mine, he kept asking whether he can hold my hand! -.-" I was a shy 15 years old girl, how you expect me to say, "Yes Please!"????

For couples, sometimes a little seduction which leads to sex is a good night to spend. But when you are horny, and all you do is ask "Do you wanna have sex?", "Can you give it to me now?" is such a turn off!

Personally, I don't need 1 hour of foreplay, but my boyfriend and I still enjoy the little romantic caressing before sex!

So please, although it is good to respect your girl, do not ask for stupid permission that might make the atmosphere awkward and spoilt your next move!


Last but not least, the top of the DON'T BE SENSITIVE list is not to say that she's crazy!!

Trust me, when I was in my rebellious days, my mum really went nuts (crazy) when I call her CRAZY and having MENOPAUSE!!

It is very insulting and would have made an emotional female feel worst!!!


Most likely you would made her say " Since you think I'm crazy, let me show you what I'm capable of!!!"

I hope you have definitely learn a thing or two today. The above is from my point of view, but every girl is different! Some might be a combination of your worst nightmares!

Be warned!!!



Be Negative..
Be Sexist..

What else do you advice the guys not to say?