Hey 306!

I miss catching up you guys soooo soooo much!

Updated after Yan Wan's feedback!

Yan Wan Surprise Return from Australia! 

See our epic expressions! Thanks Sarah for the recording and planning of the plot!

So here's something to reminiscent the good o'times!

Video of the wild young days with courtesy of Sherie's Sony Cybershot!

1. Sexual Conversation at Vivo City's Cafe on March 2008!
The group of 6 chatting about pregnancy precautions, new condom, suan-ing Yan Wan with Shaun and her new name! 

Videographer: Beilin and Sherie

Adult talk on 306's future!


2. Astonishing Singing Recordings by Beilin, Weilun, Sherie and act cute Yan Wan on May 2008!

Please refer to individual video title for song titles!

Videographer: Beilin and Sherie

Beilin's version of the K-ing session!

Seriously, the next time Wei Lun come back, we should drag him to one K session by Hook or by Crook!!!!

Misses :(

PS: Don't judge me from my singing hor!

3. Sarah's surprise 22nd Birthday celebration at Fish & Co0 Changi Airport in April 2008!
(When we have yet to turn 20 years old!)

Videographer: Beilin

4. 306 sexually harassing Yan Wan verbally again on July 2008!
We were above 18 years old thus the conversation in public! It's those fun and crazy things you do when you are young!

Videographer: Beilin

Self Obssessed Video while continuing to harass Yan Wan!

4. Beilin singing Xmas song while Sherie flaunt her new dress in Yan Wan's car on Dec 2008!

Videographer: Sarah

5. Last but not least! Business Enterprise Business Presentation of ChoCoFeel at Lecture Hall and OB Presentation on July 2007!

We were selected to present in the lecture hall due to our exceptional performance during the 1-to-1 presentation with the lecturer.

Our best tool in the presentation were my beloved ex- DS Lite and KFC's Popcorn chicken!!

Thanks to Yuxia (I guess) for videoing the whole presentation for us! Definitely a great moments to remember!

Weilun's Group!

My Group!

Special thanks to Beilin and Yan Wan for your videos!!!

After re-watching these videos, really made me miss the good o' days in Polytechnic where we can all stress together over projects, presentations and exams!! Only if the video quality were superb back then :(

Money wasn't a problem cos we do part times, we save, we don't have any big commitments at all! But now as we turn older and tune into more commitments and responsibilities, we each have our own worries and problems. But with these good friends, I believe I am able to pull through tough times!


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