Feeling Low

I did not promise no emo post, so here I go..

Have been feeling low lately.

1) AX has started a new job

This is actually a good news!

But I found out that I've been relying on his phone chats every night to sleep. So when he suddenly have to turn in early and I'm left struggling insomnia alone, I feel a little lonely. He has change to work the afternoon shift now, 12-8.30pm. Which means lesser chance to meet up after work, unless I meet him after school (or skipping school halfway). That's simple to solve, cos we are still blessed with 2 weekends.

I have been going to driving lessons on Tues & Wed and I hope I can diligently complete them soon (3 more lessons!) so I can book my practical and save money!

2) My closest colleague, J has left the company just before CNY. The farewell was made know on the day itself and I was on leave! I was so shocked and hurt. Hurt to the fact that I did not had the chance to write in her farewell card and she had done a few farewell cards together with me for other colleagues! (Dunno why so many people leave, next might be....)

I miss going lunch with her, enjoying our chats and suan-ing each other. Now it's all gone. Being colleague and friend is two different things. I see my colleague more than my parents, that's how precious it is. I tried to ask Anna Dearie out for lunch since she work near me, but she has been busy. So I had to buried myself in the office eating takeaways. Well, I had the choice to eat with the other colleagues, but I would just be playing my phone and keeping quiet after the meal. There's no chemistry (2 new colleagues came ) between me and them. I hope I won't be feeling this for long. J, I miss you :(

3) Too many ambitions, too little Intelligence

There is always so much things I wanna do after work. a) Meet up with AX b) Do my school projects c) Driving d) Most importantly, focusing on URBANViCHE.com

I had a choice to do my time management but UV overwhelmed me. There is a time when I hope I can leave my job and focus on what I wanna do, one at a time. I know many people felt this way too. But I am no rich kid, I know I can enjoy the carefree life I want if I work hard now. But there's simply no one that is ambitious enough to share my thoughts. So sometimes, even if I wanna share, they might just ask me to do it slow or give up.


That's the end of my sad post.