What's your dreams?

I love to know what's other people's dreams and ambitions!

It allows me to understanf his/her aspirations and really motivates me to pursue what I dream of too!

Seldom people would ask about my dreams and although I'm always eager to share, I won't take the initiative to. So here I am again, saying my dreams loud!

I read Chris's FB post that day, “被人取笑的梦想越有实现它的价值!” I feel so motivated!

I am not suitable to be any ordinary office lady, doing office job, earning office pay, being an ordinary person for life. At least that what I wish for now. During lunch on Friday, Yida came over and throughout the boring conversations, he finally said something inspiring.

He analysed my birthday and told me my character. He said that I like to be in control of things and like things my way. I am not suitable to work under someone cos I couldn't just survive with instructions and scoldings from others.

True or not, at least I got motivated. Only that morning when I was getting my print-out from the printer, I thought to myself " I want someone to do this for me! I no longer want to collect my print-out myself! I want to hire someone to do this administrative job for me!".

I love the feeling of motivation, it empowers me to look forward to a greater day. At times, I really feel empty and alone. Like there's no one else sharing the same dreams as me, sharing my burden or making important decisions with me. But I know that this is my life and I am the captain of it. My decision will make or break my first step to me dreams.

I do rmb someone ever said the following.

"When you are dreaming about owning a car, don't just thought about what car make, what colours and what rims you want. When you dream about it, dream about having your hands on the steering wheels, already owning it. Only that, you will realise how good it is to realise your dreams."

Alot of times, people lose motivation after owning what you have dreamt of. I used to dream about having my LV bag. After I got my Prada, I got no more motivation to work towards owing a branded bag. I got my Mont Blanc, I got my bag, now what do I need? I need my own career that I craved out myself! I know I would never get tired of that feeling! When I get my car, I will wash it regularly and I will take good care of it. Having a VW Beetle is impractical, but it's still good to know one day that I can afford it, just that I didn't want to splurge on it!

I am emo and bored at times, but I should know that every minutes of my life is precious and I should be happy. I just hope to have someone close to me, sharing the same aspirations and overcome all obstacles together.

All the best everyone!