I picked up my IHT notebook today and saw the 1st lesson taught about HIS.
Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity. I felt ashamed when I didn't realise what was it about when this 3 words appear in Chris's namecard.

I flipped through my notebook and realised that I have lost my motivation and sincerity over the years. Sincerity to making myself a better person over the years. I grew fatter, my temper got worst, and my motivation to succeed diminished when I was caught up with this feeling call LOVE. All these have to be things of the past, I can't afford my time to have a relationship now. I got to start up my business, I got to start school soon and I got an award ceremony and conference to work on. I have more capability than wasting my time away. I told myself that I wanna be different. I am no ordinary office lady. I am wasting my life and talent away if I stick on to my low paying job. Others can be entrepreneur and a successful one. Why can't I?

It's okay that I am doing these alone, making decisions alone, I believed these challenges will make me grow. I am blogging today because I wanna spell it out to let myself know that I start to realise my potential again, the things I CAN and I MUST achieve in my lifetime. I am going to start a timeline and make myself happy that I made things happen in my younger days. YS can start a company at 23, Chris can start his partnership in pub at 22 and his own company at 25. Yes, I can take my first courageous step at 23. I missed my chance at 21 cos I was afraid, I was lazy, and I got no resources. I am a Lady but I can do what a Man can do!

I will not immerse myself with self-pity or feel and regrets or guilt anymore. If I happen to, I will let it go in 2 hours. If I am caught up with guys, I must know that I can't commit to a relationship. Youth is too short to waste my precious time with unworthy people. I only accept people who are capable enough to be in my future blueprint. MY OWN BLUEPRINT that's drafted by yours truly. I am happy that I have the courage to make myself a vow that I will persevere UNTIL I deem myself as being successful and my benchmark is high. It's okay that nobody is interested in what I am doing. I can live it alone. Cos I am my target to succeed.

I wrote myself a note in the notebook and closed it with determination and POWER to fight challenges.

With HIS,
Cherie Chan