New Phase of Life!

Hello! I've been missing for so long! After starting a desk bound job, I started to neglect my computer at hm and really start replacing my blog with Facebook. But since FB does not have an achive yet, blog is still a better choice to keep myself updated in case 5 years down the road I want to know what Cherie is doing in 2011..

I went to SIM workshop today and collected my 10kg course materials. Waited for a year before it's finally starting! 24th Jan is the official date of student life and I can start having student discounts with my student card!! Anyway, I'm having part time classes and 7 modules is going to kill me this sem. (too kiasu)!

I wish that I will be a disciplined student, worker and dieter!!

P/S: Love the Voyage de la Vie show with Simin Darling last night!!

Muackz!! :)