Penny for Thought

This thought occurs to me while I was playing a stupid Golf Game on a stupid mobile phone (Nokia 6288).

For some people (most I assumed), would not know how the game works, so here it goes.

There are 18 holes which mean 18 goals. Player are given a maximum tries (about 8 strokes) to hit the golf ball into the hole. Players are free to choose the strength exerted and club to use.

Many a time my golf ball is only a few feets away from the hole but just when I was about to try another time, the sentence “Stroke Exceeded” popped up and I have to continue the game at the next hole.

My Learning from the Game

Life is just like a game of Golf. (No wonder entrepreneurs like Golf so much.)

There is a different goal to achieve at each stage and you are free to choose the methods and attitude to achieve it. But most of the time, the opportunities came but you missed to seize it. What left behind will be a trail of regrets.

The goal might seems very near and almost achievable, but because you lost the opportunities that kept flashing across your eyes, you lost the chance to achieve the goal and have to proceed to the next stop to achieve another goal.

1. You can choose your attitude and the methods to reach your goals.
2. When you failed that goal and there is no way to retrieve back the opportunity, move on.
3. Change your methods to reach your goal when another opportunity arises and there might be chance for you to achieve the next goal.
4. When you fail, move on but never give up.
5. Believe in Faith

I tried playing the game over and over again even though that phone kept shutting down due to the blotted battery at the back of the phone. It became a goal for me to achieve getting the golf ball in the hole.

Till date, I still don’t know how the scoring works, but I can still feel the excitement when I achieve my goal!

03 February 2010