Life is full of decisions.

Today I've made a few.

1. Made BF angry.
2. Meet BF for dinner.
3. Bought 2 Boxes of ZA Love in Bloom packages.
4. Finally signed up for Watsons Card.
5. Thinking of booking Basic Theory.
6. Blogging this.

I found out that Nuffnang is hiring Sales Executive. But too bad, My bond only ending in March 2010. I believe that it will definitely be a very good working environment. Even though it might be stressful in the sales environment out there but I rather be there than where I am now. It's more colourful out there.

Starting work tomorrow after growing mushrooms at home for 2 weeks. Will be motivated again!!!!! Starting product training at 8.30pm at Shenton then back to Bedok for work till 9pm. -.-"



In such a dilemma at different in life.

1st difficult decision in my life was during the few weeks nearing Polytechnic graduation.

1. Hotels?
2. Resorts?
3. Attractions?
4. Bank?
5. PT Degree?

So many things to consider, my happiness level, salary, timing and money. In the ebd, choose a banking job that pays me higher and "more prospect". At that point of time I thought that banking would be the only job that could earn me a degree in the end.

After dragging so many months, in fact a year, I finally took up the courage to sign up for a Finance Degree. Why the courage? Because of school fees previously, I got no money to study at all. Why Finance? I pondered this for a long time too. I was thinking of Marketing (my favourite subject), Hospitality & Tourism, or Finance that might take me further in my career (maybe). After the registration and interview, I still yet to receive any reply. But is it what I really want? I'm afraid I could;t cope with the work load and the stress of "majoring" and managing school and work at the same time. But well, I guess, tough time makes one grow stronger.

Now I'm thinking of a career change, I don't like bank sales at all. Not my expertise at all, no flair in working here. It's not about the experience nor the environment, but the motivation of continuing working here. People out there are saying bankers and agents are cheating people nowadays but no one really understands what our job is about, and there bound to be black sheep in each trade. It's just so unfair! I don't see people stop eating Indian Rojak just because some people got food poisoning because of it. My point is, I don't want to do sales in my line anymore. Although is good money but do I really want to waste my youth here and earn more or shall I enjoy life while I'm young? Few friends around me are joining IR in 2010. A place where I thought I would want to be after graduation. But I guess my hotel internship kinda scare me off from this line. Events job seems nice also. Because always see people get much more exposure during their duties. Although working hours are long, job satisfaction seems to be much more too! And getting to know more people of all fields. Salary doesn't seems to matter anymore.

I guess I would use this precious 4 months to decide what I want to do after March. A new beginning. Because by March I might have already been too stressed up by work and studies le. And my working hours and killing BF and me. It's just like a retail job with fortunately Public Holiday off. The rest of the days are much the same.

Next thing to decide is forking out time and money on a car license. Although it is not essential as of now but I guess I need to fulfil my dream of having a car. Maybe you think it's ridiculous but I'm thinking of a early marriage with BF and he would want a car after marriage. Firstly, financially stable first!

Well, I always tell others that I'm someone who would not regret over things and because I'm a forgetful person, not every sadness and unhappy stuffs stay in me for long. There's pros and cons to it because BF always upset with me because of my forgetfulness. Sometimes I can say things that are damn evil and forgot about it seconds later and deny it. Haha.

As you can see, my blogging style have changed, more proper English used. Hope to set a good example for my brother to improve his English. (although he won't read my blog anyway.) I spent almost $50 buying assessment books for his English and Chinese composition that day hope it would really do some help. Saw his report book and that he could promote to Sec 3 Express, such a relief. Although he failed his second attempt of English exam, somehow they promote him. If not it would be a retain in Sec 2. If any of you willing to give him tuition please tell me. Charge cheaper okay? I bought 3 badminton rackets within a week and I really hope to find a khaki to accompany me. Played with Anna at Boon Lay last week, was fun and satisfying. Trying hard to exercise and eat healthier recently. Wa, a changed Cherie I hope. So, I live in Woodlands, but I'm willing to play anywhere with a good place and good companion.

A new day tomorrow! Hope everyone will jia you during this exam period and festive season is coming soon! LOOK FORWARD TO IT AND START PLANNING YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!

P.S: BF thinking of switching job. So if anyone of you have any job job offerings (non-sales related) please contact me. I will very much appreciate it. =)