Why Is Cherie Blissed To Have Her Friends?

Remember the Coach baby I long to have?

Sarah jiejie didn'y fly to US but she asked her cousin to help me buy from there!
Isn't it sweet?!

On the 11th, when her cousin's basck in Sg, she sms me immediately when she got the bag and ask when I'm free to collect the bag.. She was going to town but after that, she's soooooooooo kind enough to make a trip down to Tanjong Pagar to pass it to me before heading back to the East! Thanks dear! =D Muackz!

So I sneaked out of my training class and went off to take my bag! =) And it was drizzling lo, I run (slow jog) in my heels lo.. Hahaz.. =P Super pain..

My babe! Tadah!!!

Sorry ah, not trying to show off, but sharing my joy! I'm sure you all can understand! =)


I brought it to work the next day with all my baby pinkies inside! =X


I'm sooooo into that hot pink/ magenta now!!!

Yest Darling Simin came to Taka to find me after work and we went to Ding Tai Feng.. Hahaz.. Different outlet from the one I went with Dearie, Wisma outlet..



After that, went over to PS to buy bras.. We shopped there like some kiasu desperate housewives.. Hehez..

On the way to PS, we notice this two young chaps around 18 tgt. They caught my eyes cos one of them was carrying a nice Burberry bag den Darling commented that they might be gays.. So they reached b4 us at the bra fair and they were shopping there! Like how girls shop! Walked around, looking at the size and feeling the sponge of the bra lo.. So funny..

Den at cotton on, they were at the female's section looking at bags.. One of them exclaimed "I want to find a mirror to see!"

Hahaz.. Me and Darling always encounter weird guys de lohz.. Last time was at FEP, den we saw 3 guys shopping at a slutty boutiques whom seems like they deciding what to wear for they mass orgy cross dress party lo.. =X

So all things aside, I bought the nice nice ZA foundation box again.. Hahaz..


Mitchy Matchy with my babe! =D

Den with all the painful feets I dragged myself home, feeling all stressed up about the last day at credit card roadshow, I saw an A4 size envelop waiting for mi at home..


I went to my room, open up and pull out the file inside!!!!!


I read the card and immediately teared lo! I swear!!! I'm super touched!!! I can't explain that kinda feeling that when you are all stressed out, someone out there is sliently supporting you and gave you a surprise after a hard day of work.. Isn't that the best thing in life? Thanks Beibei!!!


So blissed to have all the good friends right? So what if I failed in my career? These people are always here for me! =) I would never take them for granted! I PROMISE!!!

Lastly, a picture to share.. I'm always impressed by pictures that uses the trees to protray the stages in life..