Tough Cherie*

When life is tough, Cherie gets TOUGHER!

Don't really wanna "brag" about how heartbroken I am and how terrible I'm feeling recently and I had a lot of bruises on myself after that super dramatic drunk night and I took a few puffs!

That got me so worried cos I started to get curious about it and I hope I wont be going to shop for a nice box for my cigarettes soon..

I feel so unhappy and that person whom I wanted to make me happy isn't trying hard enough.. I dunno what I'm expecting but.. Well, Cherie can't control alot of things around her can she?

Just hope that I'll get slimmer soon and become a better person.. Dunno what the hell am I bull shitting about.. Next week is the start of my 1 week block leave and I totally got NO PLAN! Well, the previous got blown up.. I need a getaway seriously.. Our private space where you can make me happy..


Smile Cherie Smile.. Cherie need to be loved.. =>