Princess Cherie Clown is Happier.. =)

Dearest Lovelies,

I woke up 20mins late todae and walked to work as usual.. When I arrived at the door I realised that I forgotten to bring my access card.. Den I walked towards the pantry and OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I never bring the "uniform" so I went back to take and I was late for an hour.. Bought bread and ice milo to eat on the way and told my Service Manager that I'll compensate my lunch time for that.. Although she say dun need but I insist.. Hehez.. Take responsibility mahz..

I told Auntie Bee Leng that Jerry (PFM) actually quite charming and she readily agreed and went on to tell Jerry that I admire him.. OMG! So shy.. Hahaz..


10 Reasons Why Cherie Is Happier Nowadays..

1. Dun have to report to anyone in concern with who I'm going out with and won't feel guily for any lies involved.. Hehez..

2. Am spending more time at home after work and I'm enjoying my tv shows and time spent with Dad..

3. Bio-ing bags everyday and I might be getting the Gucci bag.. Ya lahz.. Grade AAA lahz.. =X

4. Her colleagues are a good bunch of people and they are very appreciative for me being around and I really had a lot of fun helping them to find their favourite bags online..

5. Cherie feel loved and starting to have more weekends fun..

6. She might finally get her Crystals tml that she ordered online centuries ago..

7. She's more appreciative of her life now and she live on what she has, although she grumbles sometimes when she didn't have enough to splurge, she realised that she have no need to splurge afterall.. =)

8. She counting down her payday every now and then and it's 8 more days to payday!

9. She got over what she's troubled with for the last few mths and she believed that she wont make the same mistake again.. But afterall, she did not regret making the mistake and she will continue to cherish her favourite moments with that someone..

10. She's celebrating her 20th b'dae in less than a month and although she don't expect anyone to thoughtfully planned a b'dae celebration for her, she understands that her family would crowd around her humble coffee table with her favourite cake on it and sing her the nicest and most heartwarming b'dae song..

Although Cherie still have the usually mood swings every 30mins when she got nth to do online or anything to watch on the tv, she's glad that she's beside her noble Dad and share the same space in the living room and whenever she feels emo, she knows that having a complete family is what matter most.. She has grown up once again I guess, she is more easily contented now and she appreciate the kindness people shown to her, every smiles she creates on others will make her day.. She will carry on to live her life to the fullest..

With lotsa loves,
Princess Cherie Clown