I know, people have been complaining about me not blogging.. But I really no time and pictures to blog abt ma.. I'm a very pictorial entry person lei.. Hehez..

Every working days you can find me sleeping on my sofa at 8pm till 10pm which is my fav tv prog time slot! But I cant help it but fall aslp..

So for the past 2 weeks, I have 7 days of training and everyday we have a tesT! Onli 3 chances for each test if not we are out! Onli 3 chances for being late and we are out! And I used up 1 time of failed test and 1 late attendance.. Fuck lo.. Haiz.. ='(

After the very first time (failed), I'm very cautious about each of my tests later on and now I get either 14/15 or full marks! Hahaz.. Happy!

Den for the last two days, (Wed & Thurs) I was back at branch for my dramatic branch attachment/observation.. Hahaz..

Why dramatic?

I was attached to the teller yest and my job scope including helping to photocopy customer's identity cards or passport (which I'm quite pro at it now! Hehez..).

Den I accidentally overlapped the IC copies with the temporary work permit letter on the photocopied copy, so the teller told me to recopy the documents.. I grabbed all the paper documents and the IC and proceed to the photocopier once again.. As we practice shredding documents with customer information alot, I straight away shred all the papers in case I kena involved in some audit issue..

When I wanted to start photocopying the IC, I realise I lost the sight of the work permit letter!!!!!!!!!!


The next 10 secs of me walking back to the office was a blank mind for me, I wasn't sure what I had in mind..

I knocked on the door that needed the electro cards and my manager opens the door..

"I think I.. accidentally shred away customer's letter"

"What letter?!"

"Temporary work permit.. Wait arhz.."

I opened the teller door and ask the teller, "The letter with me hor?"

"I returned to customer already, why?"

OMFG!!!! I was soooooooooo relieved!!

I took the letter cautiously and went to photocopy.. When I was back, my manager say, Wa! Heart attack!

"That will make you remember me I said!" And that's the first day the manager saw me loh, and I did such a silly thing! Hahaz.. The teller beside me said, "You scare them ah, I heard about the story already" Hahaz.. So embarrassing lohz.. But a gd lesson taught also.. But learn from their mistakes okay! But luckily, mine was a recoverable one.. =D

I open a counter today for 1 hr+ with my asst manager with me, and I nervous till I screwed every transactions.. Hahaz.. Cos I somehow like 4gt this and that in each items and make me look very unprofessional and inexperienced..

I was happy that I got the chance to have a feel of what it's like to be facing a customer on my own and not every manager give their trainees that kinda chance I think.. I'm so fortunate and I reli appreciate that alot..

10 more days of classroom training and I'll be back at branch!! Jia you!! My aim is to get full marks for my test everyday!! Hahaz..