For the past few days,
I've been having nightmares,
Of you leaving me..

It seems so real,
So hurtful,
Whether it's a nap or a night's sleep,
I felt like crying my heart out every time I woke up..

The night was way terrible,
The thought of you making decisions fears me,
The thought of you leaving me one day scares me,
The thought of you with her kills me..

I stopped the novel of us,
I stopped thinking back to our past,
I stopped looking back at the time when I could be yours as long as I'm willing to wait..

I fall in love with you before I met you,
You are always so gentle with your words,
So loving with your touch,
So funny with your jokes,
So cute with our bickers,
So charming with your smiles..

I'm hooked onto your hugs,
So hooked on your kisses,
So hooked on our times together,
I really don't want to go back to the times without you..

I'm so desperate..
First time being so desperate for someone to be mine..

I can bear all your doings,
I can suffer alone with my tears,
I can wait for you to make decisions..

But I can't control myself for feeling useless about myself,
I don't know what else to do to make you mine only..

I need you to have only one true love..
I'm selfish..

Tears are my best companion now,
I trust you that's why I leave you alone to make choices,
I love you that's why I want you to be happy,

I want you that's why I've prepared to live my life with you,
Build the future of our own..

"What can she give you?" they asked.

As long as you are with me, I feel like I owned everything in the world,
I need nothing else other than you..

Would you give me a chance to call you mine?

After which I will promise,
My tears for you will be tears of joy..