Nightmare of Having 2 Mummies!

I reached home from K house with a packet of rice K take away for me for lunch.
Mum was standing in front of the gate mopping the floor.

Dad was showering so I washed my hands and poured a cup of Sarsi.
When I sat my butt on the sofa, I was furious cos my brother happily munching on my packet of rice! But since I wasn't that hungry to snatch that packet of rice from him, I went to the dining table to grab a piece of Kueh but wasn't really happy still cos it's a packet of rice K bought! I don't even know what's inside that pack of mixed vegetable rice!

I take a look and saw curry, vegetable and grey chicken wing, not very appetising so I went inside my room.

My bed is Queen size at the bottom and single on the top but no one is sleeping there. I saw 2 phones on my lower bunk bed and 1 of them unhung and a radio was on in front of them. So I picked of them up but there's a weird sound. Like radio? i'm not very sure.

I looked at the upper bunk, there was a fan blowing towards the door and another on the floor with a small table blowing towards the other end of the wall. Must be my brother I thought, so I SCREAMMMMMMMMMM....

My brother and my two mums came in.

My mum and bro's mum started shouting at each other! The next thing, his mum is holding the foldable ladder above her head and trying to hit my mum!

Luckily, my dad came in at this crucial time and stop her. My mum and I rushed to my brother's room and hide while dad went to talk to them..

This is the dream taht leave mi crying very very hard when I woke up yest late morning. K was so shocked and lost at what to do cos she dun even know what happened to me. Hahaz.. So silly me.. ='(

It was so real, the dream happened at my own house lo.. So scary.. ='(

After the dream and slacking for few hours at her house, I went home to bath and prepared for her brother's birthday celebration.

We went to CWP to shop and I bought a cute Minnie Head massager at Mini Toons! (Ltr seen in Boon's pocket!)

When we were about to leave, I saw my mum with her friend..

Mum: "Change le ah?" (refering to bf)
Me: "Hey! She's a girl la!"
Mum: With a super duper shocked face, look at K and at me, K and at me and say. "Why the hair like that?"

Hahahahahahaz.... Luckily K was on the phone..

She was asking me, what if my mum saw us holding hands? Hahaz.. I cant imagine too, but since Mum is so blur, she wont notice even if we hug in front of her ba.. Hahaz..

Anyway, meet their frens at Yishun for steamboat and there was a last minute change to KTV pub.. Guys.. Haiz..

(See the Minnie head the the bottom right, so cute right!) =D

Honestly, there is one thing I wanna confess, no matter whether that particular someone is gonna read my blog some day..

She (obviously) gave me an okay (only okay) impression of her, pre and present impression.. But the most disgusting thing she said became so sensitive to me..

She" Hey K! When you want to go Genting? Since the time you with XXX (K's ex's name) you promised us to go le lehz, when you free?"

Hey, you say fuck anot? Purposely de right? Why must purposely talk about her ex in front of me? Want to spike me? So childish..

But in the end, the immature one is me.. I used restroom as an excuse and walk to the roadside and swear.. Softly..

Then I went back to K and told her about it (at the roadside away from others)and I was so furious and irritated that I cried very hard non stop.. Harder than having 3 nightmares at a row lohz! So angry, so sad, so frustrated, how I hope I can confront her and slap her.. But I'm not so ah lian and childish la.. After crying for whole 5mins, we went back to the group..

After that was MJ at K's hse.. Stupid her, so tired still wanna play.. I was a good girl yest, bring water, serve food and prove to that girl that I'm not just a bitch!

Before K slp for that half an hour before school.. I've decided!

I'm not going to hate her, I will prove my good to her! The more she wants me to get angry, the nicer I will be..


But seriously, her ex is so much of a nightmare to me.. Haiz.. Hope no one will mention about her name again.. If i hear it again, I will swear softly at the bottom of my heart.. Hahaz.. =X